Pokémon Worlds London 2022

Pokémon Worlds London 2022 I was lucky enough to have a friend who informed me that the ticket reservations for Pokémon Worlds Pokémon Centre were live. And quickly I booked myself a slot at 12 pm the literal opening of the store! When I arrived, I joined the queue, the queue was very small at …

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Back in front of the webcam

Twitch Streamer Affiliate ten years in the making. My journey into twitch streaming actually started quite a long time ago. My first attempt to do the live streaming thing happened back in 2012 at the time twitch streaming was in its infancy. There were a few people actually starting to make money and some who …

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Hue – Fiddlesticks | Review

In Hue, the player explores a grey land while searching for their missing mother. The player can uncover coloured pieces, which when matched against obstacles will cause them to disappear, revealing new puzzles. As the player progresses and unlocks more colours, the game’s difficulty increased with more colours being needed to complete puzzles. There are …

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Creativerse – Playful Corp. | Review

Creativerse is a solid and interesting take on the sandbox building game genre. Due to the rocketing success of Mojang’s title Minecraft these games are becoming more frequent. Giving players full creative control in a fully destructible and rebuildable world seems to be a real fan favourite. It is totally natural to compare with Minecraft …

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Descenders – RageSquid | Review

Descenders is an extreme downhill freeriding title for the modern era, with procedurally generated worlds, and where mistakes have real consequences. Before I delve downhill with Descenders, I must make you abundantly aware this game is still in Early Access. The points I am about to make and elements I will be discussing will likely change, …

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The Very Big Indie Pitch | PG Connects London 2018

A look back over all of the entrants of The Very Big Indie Pitch at Pocketgamer Connects London 2018 including feedback for every game.   Games in order I played   Greg Sharpe – Matcher   Educational game, helping users differentiate between object in a single play and 1 v 1 multiplayer setting My Thoughts …

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Sweet Arsenic Resilience

Sweet Arsenic show Resilience and respond to feedback

A few days ago I posted an article covering The PC Indie Pitch at Pocketgamer connects 2018. I highlighted my thoughts on all the games shown on the pitch. One of these games, Resilience by Sweet Arsenic (Read the article here), I had a few questions about and some points I wanted to highlight, well, they have …

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PCIP logo linear on dark 800x

The PC Indie Pitch at PC Connects London 2018

A look at the PC Indie Pitch and all the games that were pitching including my thoughts and feedback.   Games Pitched (in order I played them)   Ice Code Games – Re-legion You play as a prophet in a futuristic technocratic society in a cyberpunk-like RTS. Set the code of your belief, convert citizens to …

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Human: Fall Flat

Human: Fall Flat – Review

Human: Fall Flat is an open-ended physics-based puzzle game in which you take control of builder Bob helping him resolve the mysteries behind his recurring dreams of falling. Your goal is to take Bob through his dreams full of puzzles, dangers, and surprises.   Review Just playing this game it is the best way to sample and …

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Bath Comic Con – Now open to entries

Bath Comic Con – How to take advantage;   Are you local to Bath Comic Con or could you commute there? Noaksey is teaming up with Creed Conventions to bring to you Free Event Space for Indies Are you an Independent Game developer? We are looking for game developers of all levels to come and …

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egx london main logo

EGX 2017 – Retrospective

Join me as I cast my mind back over EGX 2017 event in Birmingham, below I have decided to highlight some of the titles that left an impression on me, what kind of impression you ask? Read on!   The Mystery Box – Milo Keeble Ever wanted to play a box of many games, where every …

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