Evolve Turtle Rock Depart

Uncertain time for Evolve as Turtle Rock ends support

In a heartfelt message today on Turtle Rocks community board Co-founder Chris Ashton (Madman) announce today that Turtle rock regrets that they have made the decision to stop supporting Evolve

“It’s always hard to leave one of our games behind. Left4Dead was no different and now it’s Evolve’s turn.”

Chris Ashton clearly displays his person sadness and regret as you read his post, he shows how developers care really deeply about their titles and that it was not an easy thing to say that things are not planning out.

“We had huge aspirations for Evolve, and while we got to spend five and a half awesome years on planet Shear with a ragtag group of Planet Tamers and fearsome Monsters, it still doesn’t feel like enough – we were hungry for more but unfortunately today is the last day that Turtle Rock Studios can work on Evolve.”

He continues to show the real underbelly of their team referring to a similar title that had to give up on also and how they really love their community;

“It’s always hard to leave one of our games behind. Left4Dead was no different and now it’s Evolve’s turn. There will always be a special place in our hearts for our past projects. No matter what happens with Evolve in the future, we’ll know it was born in this studio and developed by this team alongside this beautiful community.”

Chris goes on to mention and thanks to the publisher that helped pick up and fund Evolve 2K they even thanked THQ even though during the time they picked them up THQ went bankrupt.

The fans, however, get the biggest thank you of all;

“Most of all, we want to thank you, our players, for supporting Evolve and Evolve: Stage 2, many of you from the very beginning. You embraced our vision and fell in love with it just as we did. We have learned so much from you. Thank you all for your feedback, your support and your dedication.”

Lastly, he mentions a final farewell stream for these fans;

“We love this community and don’t want to say goodbye via a letter on a website, so we’ll be hosting one final Evolve-themed Livestream on Thursday, October 27 at twitch.tv/evolvegame starting at 12 PM Pacific Time. We’ll be there talking about our experience on the project and answering as many of your questions as we can.”

This is in no way the end of Turtle Rock, but what’s the future hold for Evolve?

Chris’s final message sums this up;

“We have lots of stuff in the works that we hope you’ll enjoy but we are departing on the Laurie-Anne for the last time and must bid a farewell to the planet Shear.
We’ll see you all again, another time on another world….

So long, Shear. It’s been an adventure.”