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Tomb of Rooms is a third person survival horror / dungeon crawler for 1-2 players split screen co-op, this means same screen though LAN / on-line play might pop up who knows. The concept is that the players must ascend the tower of tombs which is full of increasingly difficult, randomly generated levels while only having available to them limited light and limited weapons. Players currently can only seem to handle 4 items at a time meaning if both players are in game you have a total of 8 Items on hand to help you survive, I have no doubt this might change though it does bring an extra challenge/concern when avoiding death by monster and/or trap.

“This game has been built with the goal of being a co-operative experience. You can enjoy it single player, but if you have the option to sit down with a friend, we heartily recommend you do so!” Idle Creations.

Even with all this in mind I have decided to play it single player until I have had enough or die to often on which I am going to recruit someone to help me explore and to survive this torture!

This game was created by 1 programmer and 2 artists, and is currently in pre-alpha (v0.19). Which means it is going to have some bugs (but of course you say!), The team are a dedicated bunch and no doubt they will do their best to continue to update and improve this game as much as they can.

Anyone who donates to the development of this game during the Pre-Alpha / Alpha stages will become a Tomb Founding Member meaning all future updates will be free for these wonderful individuals

(Donate here)

If you guys wanna play this for yourselves the game is being offered for free though-out the Pre Alpha !

If you are still not sure if you want to play this title I approached the team to find out exactly what we could expect from them here is their response;

“A key item on our current agenda is making the castle feel less empty, so there will be new furniture, props and creatures popping up in the next release.”

Oh dear.. More Creatures!! :'(

“Much later releases we are aiming to create different zones within the castle, so if you get far you will get a total change of scenery.”

So with this I guess a better sense of advancement =)

“Also the current combat system is very basic (one hit kills, only one type of weapon, etc) but we will be adding more weapons and spells, potions, keys, etc, all the good stuff you would expect from a dungeon crawler.”

Ohhh so more whats to layth the smack-down on those pesty Creature!

“Also at some point there will be an armour system so you can wear/carry things you find in the castle, which may in turn either help or hinder you.”

Hinder me, and I thought you loved me …. >.<

“We really want the castle to be as interactive and interesting to explore as possible.”

It does really seem as the team is investing in bringing us a game worth playing and paying so why not download it and play it RIGHT NOW?


[Indie-ducing] – Tomb of Rooms – Idle Creations
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