The Very Big Indie Pitch | PG Connects London 2018

A look back over all of the entrants of The Very Big Indie Pitch at Pocketgamer Connects London 2018 including feedback for every game.


Games in order I played


Greg Sharpe – Matcher


Educational game, helping users differentiate between object in a single play and 1 v 1 multiplayer setting

My Thoughts

This game is clearly aimed at children, clean simple UI and colourful clear images, sadly there is no obvious goal and the single play other than tracking your score has no sociable aspect at the time I played. However the two players 1 v 1 mode was very interesting, the idea of sharing half of a screen playing a snap style game, now, I could imagine children and parents playing together a lot in that mode.

Panzerdog – Tacticool


A 5vs5 multiplayer shooter. Build up your own way of getting rid of the enemies by running them over with a car, playing with physics or simply shooting them.

My Thoughts

Looked like an old Grand Thief Auto game, graphically nice and the idea you fight 5 v 5 is really interesting, especially when you consider it is a free to play title.

MKA – Orb Attack


An arcade game where you fire at the orbs falling down the screen

My Thoughts

This is clearly a student project title, Simple UI and simple graphics married with a simple game style makes this title very accessible, however, other than the interesting colour flipping mechanic there wasn’t any real unique selling point.

Secret Path


A game based on real-life locations and stories embedded on a road map of a real town. Where real points of interest and shop can offer you real-life discounts for taking the time to explore the town.

My Thoughts

On paper this game seems to be a really amazing concept, imagine travelling to a town, where you’ve never been before and then playing a game that encourages you to explore that town and finally unlocking shop discounts in that same town as you learn about its deep history and culture. This game could be massive if pitched to the correct officials where investment can be made to create this tourism-driven game.



This game is all about the power of words, bolted onto a world of magic and mystic powers, you battle magical creatures by using the power of words.

My Thoughts

I found this game to be quite interesting, using words to battle it out where the meaning or feelings behind a word increases its impact is worth a look at. With a bit of polish and help in learning the impact that certain words have and I think there could be something here for fans of the written word.

Stack and Crack

Jambav Stack Crack

A minimalistic puzzle game about four cubes and their companionship

My Thoughts

This demo had only 10 levels of the 100+ levels they claim to have available, I found myself wanting to complete it. It was well designed, controlled wonderfully and have truely innovated tile sliders games.

Sinistersoft – Retrostar


A spaceship dogfighting simulator

My Thoughts

Graphically retro, this game seems to take a few elements from games like Lylat wars and mixes them in a self-build engine. At the time of the demo, a large number of the enemies looked the same, didn’t feel like you had much freedom and was unsure of goal or USP.

Pyrognomic Software – Wire Up

Pyrognomic Software Wire Up

A colourful endless runner where the player needs to continue to link a chain of colours against the clock or against friends.

My Thoughts

Looked great, colours vibrant and difficulty curve just right. I would like to have played the game myself, however.

Ether game – Z war 1

Ether game Z war 1

An alternate, diesel-punk history of World War 1, where the Great War never ended. The horrors of trench warfare have taken a supernatural turn.

My Thoughts

Very impressed with the look of the game, the style and the models of the weapons. Unfortunately, the game was slow to set up and required top of the range devices to play. But with upcoming multiplayer and being it’s FTP all I can say it Ship it!

Ant Workshop – Dead End Job (Nintendo Switch)

Ant Workshop Dead End Job

A frantic, addictive, highly replayable gameplay of a procedurally generated twin-stick shooter with the iconic look of a 90s cartoon.

My Thoughts

I really like a lot about this game, it ticks a lot of my game criteria. I like this type bullet hell, dungeon crawler especially when they play so well. Sadly the game was presented on a Nintendo Switch but there are plans to bring it to mobile devices in the future.



“Meat boy for the mobile phone”

My Thoughts

Frustrating platforming games like this are a real love of mine but only if the controls are tight and work. This game dropped the ball at this, the game doesn’t have the controls right at all and this leads to deaths that made me want to uninstall and forget this game and it wasn’t even my phone.

Wee Door – Oil

Wee Door Oil

Oil is a game of digging for oil in early 1900’s America. The game takes place on a single shared play space, resulting in players strategically competing for shared resources.

My Thoughts

I really like this game, the graphics were good, it had a fresh style and encourages real gameplay and strategic thinking to beat the A.I. or friend. If t you could play this on separate devices I would love this game even more.

Adore Games – War Duels

WarDuels Logo

A ‘Whack-a-Mole’ arcade war game

My Thoughts

The game is graphically good, interesting concept and reimagining of the ‘whack-a-mole’ format. Solid game and can’t wait to see more as the development continues.

Hora Games – Ego Chicken

Hora Games Ego Chicken

A tower defence meets angry bird golf game

My Thoughts

This game needs more work, to be honest, it is mostly luck if you actually hit targets. I suppose with enough time and practice you could get better at this game.  But with 6 – 12 months of development time left I look forward to seeing how this gets improved.

Affinity Project – Don-Ay

Affinity Project Don Ay

An endless runner and virtual pet sim which donates profits to charities

My Thoughts

I found it hard to honestly judge, on one hand, I love games to work for charities on the other this game is poorly designed, limited and the endless runner simple and boring. If the game was directly aligned with a charity and the games really thought about and challenging I could see that moving in a better direction for a game to play more than once and an overall better experience.

FINIFUGU&&friends – Too Many Cooks

FINIFUGUfriends Too Many Cooks

A local multiplayer game that pits 3 – 6 friends against the clock in this cooking frenzy game.

My Thoughts

Simple, effective, fun co-operative game, requires constant communication and teamwork. Love this game


Pixel Trip Studios – Video Kid

Pixel Trip Studios Video Kid

Everything you loved about the 80s jam-packed into one retro-inspired runner.

My Thoughts

This game is great, it expertly combines gameplay, flow, style into a runner that is filled with 80’s references.



A puzzle game involving a Super Worm (Sworm) where players have to solve puzzles with segments of the worm.

My Thoughts

This is a very basic game, low-quality graphics and unresponsive controls. This game has a long way to go.


Beeast Games – Soul Stone


A Diablo style top-down dungeon crawler with a lighter touch.

My Thoughts

Graphically ok, needs more polish, but what really lets’ it down is the unresponsive controls and lag caused when more than 3 enemies spawn. Focus on aesthetics and optimisation and you might have something here.


Stave Studios – Over The Alps

Stave Studios - Over The Alps

Postcards from the past reveal a hidden history in Stave Studio’s debut game Over the Alps. Race through the picturesque Switzerland of 1939 to discover a world of intrigue, subterfuge and colourful characters.

My Thoughts

Aesthetically pleasing and wonderfully designed, this game heavily relies on its look. The gameplay is more adventure game style decision making then action, with story-driven decision making and exploration through text. Worth grabbing if you want to have an experience.

Bouncy Cats


A juggling game based on cats

My Thoughts

This game had some really nice art, but with a lacklustre game skinned onto it, I really hope the team reevaluate this game and direction.

Retro Principles – Corecraft

Retro Principles - Corecraft

Corecraft is a 2D physics-based “shoot ’em up” like you have never seen before! Design your own Corecraft and encounter waves of threatening entities. Shoot your way through non-repetitive levels, each having a deadly boss and challenging quests. Unlock new weapons and develop unique tactics to beat the high score!

My Thoughts

I really like this game, it has a near perfect difficulty arc and the look and graphics were ‘just right’. The ability to build your own spacecraft is also really engaging and adds to a sense of real replayability.

ZRZ Studio – INOPS (Nintendo Switch)

Inops is a puzzle based 2D side-scroller. 

My Thoughts

I do like this title, it works well on the Switch and makes use of the touchscreen. If I was to be really picky I believe the selection glow (green aura) it too small and inconsistent when using the controllers in docked mode. As a mobile game, it works very well and the graphics are great.

Gogo Games – Ropeman


Tilt your device in the palm of your hand and Ropeman will respond accordingly. Lean forward to go faster, but the faster you go, the harder it will be to stay on the rope

My Thoughts

This game does pretty much what you would expect, however, I wouldn’t be able to play on the move as it requires you to tilt the device meaning trains, cars etc. will have an effect. Graphics are ok but the whole game and look needs a little work and polish.

Jambav – Super Speed Runner

SSR Banner

Super Speed Runner is in a hurry! He has been put on a unique fast-paced platform and all he can do is run and jump, no other choices! But he can decide to walk like a turtle or run like The Flash!

My Thoughts

This game is really good, the controls are tight and the game is actually challenging but not impossible, A little polish and I’d buy this game when it gets released on Android.

Carbon – Rumble League

Rumble League Cover

Rumble League is a real-time strategy game mixed in with an arcade fighting and beat-em-up game style from back in the day

My Thoughts

This mix of styles actually really worked and liked the way the game is paced, this game rewards combos and mixing/merging cards to make stronger units. Understand the stragtery and working it to your advantage this game can get intense. I would like the field of play to be spaced out better or to offer action zoom points but this is a great base game.

Kupina – A Journey Towards Jesus

Kupina - A Journey Towards Jesus

A quiz game aimed to help users learn more about the Bible in this new Christian game for all ages!

My Thoughts

Cute graphics, clean UI, original story and nice concept. No gameplay at all, as it’s a quiz game which is teaching you about the bible.