The Very Big Indie Pitch London 2017

Welcome to my look back over those 37 games I helped have judged at The Very Big Indie Pitch London 2017 hosted by at Pocket Gamer Connects London 2017

Warning this is my honest opinion is meant to be taken as constructive feedback if you feel anything I say isn’t to your liking please do not hesitate to drop me an email.

The games are listed in order of play at The Very Big Indie Pitch London 2017, my top 5 will be highlighted at the end and future articles written about these game to follow.

Run from the Sun – Ant Workshop

This game has you taking control of a small spacecraft, your goal is to escape the sun chasing you.

This game as but a few main mechanics You launch the spaceship and using fuel reserves and the gravity from moons you pass you can fling yourself as far as you can at the end of each segment you have a chance to choose ‘Easy’ or ‘Hard’ – Easy has a simpler route but Hard scores you more points quicker but with a much hard route to navigate.

“This game really feels like the sun is chasing you and the game is very fluid”

Release Date: Very Soon

Price: Free to play – In-game ads

Flipzyx – Paul Baker

This game is all about connecting piece of fuse together to blow up the stage, as well as flipping tiles which the fuses are lit on to change and manipulate the direction and even colour of the flame to beat the stages you are put up against

The trick to succeeding in this game is to really work through the levels one at a time, and not try skipping ahead because you will not understand what is happening.

“Explosive puzzler with an interesting unique mechanic”

Release Date: Out Now

Price: £1.49

Top Seed Tennis – Gaminho

This is a Tennis Match simulation and is pretty much a time wasting app for Tennis fans, with no real gameplay involved, this title has you ‘Train’ and ‘learn’ to gain cards which you can use during the simulation period to improve your chances to win the game. I personally didn’t enjoy the title and found it to be very complicated and overloaded with steps and menus. Now that doesn’t mean it’s a bad title but in my opinion, it doesn’t make it a game either.

“Over complicated and no real game element”

Release Date – March 2017

Price – Free To Play – with in-app purchases available

Ocmo – Team Ocmo

This game focuses on the story of Ocmo and blob-tentacle like creature which slings and runs on certain surfaces to reach these rabbit-like creatures which he consumes to continue.

This is a really well put together to game the art is nice and the fact it is physics lead it really awesome in my book, unfortunately, when I played it I found the controls to be laggy and at times unresponsive but it is definitely going to right direction. All I would suggest is get those controls more responsive and you’ve got a solid title.

“Fun, unique title with challenges you have to stop and think about, worth grabbing hold of it”

Release Date: March 2017 (No Android Version)

Price €4

Final Tale  – Firetail Games

This is a dungeon crawl where you control a disembodied floating bulls head and arms that carry a weapon of your choosing you then move around. As you move around you will start to build up your attack, letting go on the movement pad will make the character attack. In short, you move to build an attack and then you launch it. In short, you move to build an attack and then you launch it.

This game needs a lot of polish, direction and incentive or even a goal however that being said it’s an interesting concept.

“Flying around as a disembodied bull has never been so interesting”

Release Date: Summer 2017

Price – Free To Play (In-app Purchases)

Legend of Abhimanyu – Acy Entertainment

As a wave by wave arena battle game the graphics and look are quite impressive, sadly where the game really falls down it the clunky slow game play, it is unresponsive and doesn’t have any flow what so ever. Which is very disappointing as with a bit of polish and making game flow better it would be a half decent mobile game.

“As you stand in the arena you can’t help but be impressed with the graphics mobile devices can output now”

Release Date: Feb

Price: £4.99

Inops – ZRZ Studio

This is a puzzle based 2D side scrolled where you overcome a number of challenges, the blob like creature will move when you tilt the mobile device to the side, in other words you move the world to make the character move, while you are doing that you also need to use your fingers to manipulate certain objects on the screen to help you progress and well as make the blob break into smaller blobs to get past certain hurdles.

It’s similar to game style of LocoRoco.

“Fun puzzler with a good amount of challenges for what you pay, a truly solid game”

Release Date: February 2017

Price: £1.79

Suitcase Footrace – JCM

This is a endless runner along the lines of Temple Run and Agent Run, however you are a suitcase whom wants to take itself on holiday, unfortunately this game was very under polished and under built, the idea was refreshing and interesting and if the developer really understood what he wanted to achieve and with a lot of polish and time, the developer could have something here.

Release Date: August 2017

“interesting game, was keen to see more, watching this space”

Price: £1-£5

M4RTY – Dominic Jones

This is a hard game to cover, discuss, or even critic. The game was bland, unfinished and really didn’t have an substance. For what the student pitched it did sound like the game could be fun but there is a long road for the student to travel before it will get there.

“A tech demo which promises more, I hope it delivers”

Release Date: August 2018

Price: 89p

OCO – Spectrum48

This is an one button puzzle game with real potential to be something great, with a great number of levels to begin with an with a free level editor which works wonderfully also this game has a seemly limited amount of content to offer to the community.

“wonderfully simple, refreshing, engaging game”

Release Date: July 2017

Price: Free To Play (In-game Ads)

Halo Orbit – Cappuccino Games

Wonderfully unique, a game which requires you to have good timing and reflects to create works of art. The only downside it that there is no rhythm to help guide you and sometimes you can lose your timing very easily, so with a backing track with audio hints / pulses to help guide you and maybe a scoring system which also triggers on Hits, Perfects and misses the developer could get people engaged not only on unlocking cool art but to be the best on a leader board.

“Creating art feels so good when you get the rhythm right”

Release Date: February 2017

Price: Free To Play (In-app Purchases)

Quadrik – SpikeJAP

Pitched as a Rubix’s cube style game you start playing with a 2 by 2 squared puzzle and you are tasked with moving a coloured square to a different location to match the goal pattern. To do this you swipe the squares in any horizontal or vertical direction. This game takes a little while to master but it does get challenging and difficult in the later stages and mastering does feel great every puzzle has a ‘Perfect’ solution that you’ll want to figure out so learning how to move the puzzle to match the goal pattern is key.

“A game for the true challenge hunters”

Release Date: This Month

Price: Free To Play (In-game Ads)

Sinister Soccer – Sinistersoft

This was a basic football (Soccer) game which didn’t have many or any real mechanics other than moving the players around. the real focus of this title was on the Multiplayer drop in and drop out of the game, that if applied to the game and polished would be amazing!

“need to see more of the final / future product”

Release Date: Summer 2017

Price: Free To Play (In-app Purchases)

Sheep Frenzy 2 – Crimson Pine

This is a ‘Juggling’ game at it’s core, but it involves sheep, Ninja sheep, Wizard Sheep, Gem Sheep you name it. Each sheep has a different way of moving, bouncing and even appearing on screen, your job is to move a platform from left to right to help the sheep reach the other side. The game does exactly what you would expect and is quite well put together.

“I could lost a lot of time or gain a lot more sleep counting these sheep”

Release Date: March 2017

Price: Free To Play (In-app Purchases)

Wild Guardians – Corsegames

This is a Tower defense game meets Clash Royale which cards you upgrade and characters to unlock, and the ability to join clans and battle friends it has most things you would want if you were a real fan of tower defense games and wanted to play with others like you.

“mashing two well working elements in a game, if you like tower defense, get this game”

Release Date: Mid 2017

Price: Free To Play (In-app Purchases)

Balls – Jason Tuyen

Frustration is the name I would use here, this game is simple to play all you do is click the ball to bounce it the level moves down with spikes and what not with the purpose to destroy your ball so avoiding dangers are a must, you also have coins to collect for a higher score. What this game really needs is more game modes, more to do, more incentive to play and a lot more polish.

“Juggling a ball never felt so frustrating”

Release Date: April 2017

Price: Free To Play (In-game Ads)

Salad Hunt – Salad Hunters

A game for all you salad haters out there this U rated game has you throwing utensils at vegetables in a aim of preventing them you take control of your kitchen. Take on swarms of Tomatoes and other similar veggies with a quite a few other modes to and bonus levels the game really is focused for the young and the young at heart.

“This game is great for you salad dodgers and veg haters out there”

Release Date: July – December 2017 (Q3 – Q4)

Price: Free To Play (In-game Ads)

Link Twin – Amber Studio

This puzzle game is beautiful, the game play is wonderful and the story is emotional. you play as twins on a journey of lost, pain and grief. You move through stages together to help each other over come these issues you are to face. You will at times get a little lost in their world if your not careful.

“Beautifully wonderful, lovely story and really challenging”

Release Date: February 2017


Mascot Dunks – Crimson Pine

At first I thought this game was abut basketball players dunking mascots, but alas it’s a lot more that this. You are a mascot who is performing at half time and you are trying to pull off as many amazing dunks in a row as possible, of course some of the nets are too high, s you’ll need to master bouncing on trampolines to help gain air and those all important dunks. If the game was to go into slow-mo at those perfect dunk and to just make it a lot more clear you have dunked the game would be so much better.

“Really wanted to get those dunks, must get more dunks”

Release Date: February 2017

Price: Free To Play (In-app Purchases)

Mona Lisa – Italic Pig

This title takes stealth game play, robbing famous galleries, speed painting and mashes them all together. This title is so unique and fun that it’s criminal.

“Really unique, engaging, fun, fluid and I love it”

Release Date: May 2017

Price: Free To Play (In-game Ads)

Idle Miner Tycoon – Fluffy Fairy games

This is Tiny Tower, but with a mine, with miners and in game ads and purchases. A simple time killer.

“I could lose a lot of time to this game, got time to kill? Get this game!”

Release Date: July 2016 (OUT NOW)

Price: Free To Play – (In-game Ads)

Electro Dash – EODE Group

you play as a block and you climb walls in the least number of jumps possible in the fastest time, there is leader bards to best and friends to beat. Also the Block has skins you can use to make this climbing game more fun and interesting!

“Meatboy’s pixel blockly distant cousin”

Release Date: Currently in soft launch

Price: Free To Play (In-game Ads)

Space 5 – Fablesmith

This game is a luck based Space game where you have a 5 slots which spin like a roulette and you get a chance to attack, defend, unlock areas and so more. You’ll need to figure out when to hit, hold and spin. While collecting Gem or defending / destroying asteroids.

There doesn’t seem to be any story or goal, but, there is something here

“Roulette meets strategy”

Release Date: TBC

Price: Free To Play (In-app Purchases)

Swing King and the Temple of Bling – shedworks

This is a fun little game, you play as a monkey who is trying his best to collect all the bling he can. It’s fun, interesting and the puzzle are good. Sadly the difficulty accelerates too much! From I literal couldn’t stop dying on the second level. My biggest suggestion for this title are, spread out the learning curve a lot more and make the game less busy.

“Fun little title with a cool concept and lots to do and find”

Release Date: February 2017

Price: Free To Play (In-game Ads)

Letters of Gold – Cupcake Entertainment

Mobile Word search game, with leader board and linking to social media.

“The word game to play for word game fans”

Release Date: February 2017

Price: Free To Play (In-game Ads)

Fitness Freak – DC1AB

It’s purpose is to inspire you to get fit by recording your score and making yu compete with fitness friends via social networks.

“Fitness app with gamification”

Release Date: TBC

Price: Free To Play (In-game Ads)

AddX – Fabulous Games Ltd.

Puzzle game where you move coloured pieces to match a goal pattern. This game takes the idea a little further giving you only two types of panel. One panel type that can only move up, down, left and right and the other panel type can only move horizontally. You are then tasks to find the perfect way to change the patterns. This game needs a title more work and polish but it’s a good start towards a solid game.

“Puzzle game with a real emphasis to challenging you”

Release Date: February 2017

Price: Free To Play (In-game Ads)

Interrogation – Critique Gaming

this is a interesting concept in the realms of criminal investigation games that have been popping up, with a look similar to Her Story in the way it’s presents you a figure which you interrogate. though in this you have a lot more menu options and things to use to help you. The game is too busy in my option and at times seemed unresponsive even though they pitched the game off a Laptop. Even that larger screen looked over loaded with stuff and unclear.

“Criminal investigation novel performed in lined drawings and interesting plot dynamics”

Release Date: 2018

Price: €2

Soccer Manager – Soccer Manager Ltd

As someone who isn’t a fan of Soccer games, this game wasn’t really my thing. However I can see when a game is ding the right things or not. This game wasn’t it wasn’t fun, hard to understand and even harder to play, yes there was a multiplayer element but  you could easily score by literally pressing one button. No doubt they will get must of these bugs resolved before release so it you are a fan of championship Manager meets Fifa 96 then this might be for you.

“Manage and play as a team on your mobile, for football manager genre fans”

Release Date: April 2017

Price: Free to Play (In-app Purchases)

Wordsworth – Michael Bowerman

A poet focused game where you have a bank of words, some backgrounds to choose and the ability to write poems and then share them. The use of Social media to share and get people to vote and respond to the poems was a cool idea, but there is so much more needed here.

“Really has something, but what it is hasn’t been realised yet”

Release Date: March 2017

Price: Free To Play (In-game Ads)

MaoMao Castle – Asobi Tech

A clear idea on what the developer wanted to make can be seen in this title from the moment you start it up. The gameplay is smooth and the  levels are interesting and fun. This game hit a mark so many pixelated games miss. A good purchase if you want to play something new fun and want to go on an adventure.

“Solid game, fun and fluid controls. What else could you want?”

Release Date: February 2017

Price: Free To Play ( In-game Ads)

Pixwings – Leander Corp

You take control of a plane with either tilt controls or on screen control stick. I found that the tilt controls where fun  and quite well executed but I really don’t like having to stand up when I want to play a mobile game. The control stick method was unresponsive and difficult to use meaning I ended up not liking the game as much I did in the first 9 seconds of playing.  Just polish the game, make it more fluid fix the controller and you have a decent shot.

“IF you want to fly a plane around a pixelated world then get this title”

Release Date: September 2016

Price: £2.99

Starbeard – Leviathan Creative

Taking a match three title and making it interesting is always a hard goal, but I feel that this title has all but nailed it. You are challenged to match stars to summon heroes with certain powers which will help you destroy the ever growing horde of enemies attempting to destroy you. There is very little I can think of to add to improve the game as it’s pretty simple and easy and with a slowly increasing difficulty curve you can easily find that you will lose a lot of time to this game.

“Really improves on the match three genre it to a community lead fun title to enjoy”

Release Date: 2017

Price: Free To Play (In-game Ads)

Silent Streets – Fun Bakers

A choose you own detective adventure novel you are made to move around in real time (by use of actually walking) to unlock stages of the story, then using AR (Augmented Reality) you are tasked to uncover clues around you. The premise of the game is interesting and it actually encourages you to go out and walk around to though you can by in-game boosts to ether have to walk less or not at all. This title really is focusing on the main story and character element to engage the reader and the walking part is more of a break or something to do you achieve the next stage of the story. There is no gameplay or inaction other than menu choices and the AR part.

“A game focused at story lovers who want to feel involved but want to read a good story too.”

Release Date: March 2017

Price: Free To play (In-app Purchases)

Padegan – Yooz Games

This game is pretty much exactly the same as three’s and 1024 with smooth game flow and interesting characters. this game claims it will have a multiplayer battling mode which wasn’t being pitched at the time. IF they get that right this will take this puzzle game and improve on it.

“Improving on this threes style of puzzle game genre, watch this space”

Release Date: TBC

Price: Free To Play (In-app Purchases)

Robots vs Ghosts – Hrair Mekhsian

Pitched as a FPS game but top down has you zooming around an arena trying to burst ghost. This was in it’s tech demo stage so the final gameplay, graphics were unclear. It was an interesting concept but I was unable to actually play the game so can not truly review.

“Looks fun, interesting idea, want to see it closer to the final stages”

Release Date: July 2017

Price: Free To Play (In-game Ads)

Acrosplat – App Street Games

A educational puzzle game where the game allows adults and children to play it in uniquely different ways. With a leaderboard, achievements and numerous solutions to each puzzle this game is good, but it just needs a little more polish and having the gameplay crisper and more responsive and you’ll have a really solid game.

“Love the game, get it play it see if you are better than a 8 year old”

Release Date: March 9th 2017

Price: Free to Play (In-game Ads)

Top 5 Titles at The Very Big Indie Pitch London 2017 (in order of played)

OCO – Spectrum48

Link Twin – Amber Studio

Mona Lisa – Italic Pig

MaoMao Castle – AsobiTech

Starbeard – DCDevelopement

More on these five titles to follow.