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Indie MEGABOOTH @EGX – Top 5 Games and Floor Winner

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This is the first time Indie MEGABOOTH (IMB) has been over here in the UK, now it was at Games Com, so it wasn’t it’s first time in Europe. IMB is a collection of hand picked games for gamers to be introduced to something interesting and very playable. The difference between this and the Leftfield Collection is that games selected for IMB seemed to be all at a solid playable standard.

So when it came to selecting my top 5 of the area it was actually really hard work!

Top 5 Games of Indie MEGABOOTH

EGX 2015 – Indie Megabooth Confirmed !

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The Indie MEGABOOTH is a showcase of independent game developers working together to bring indie games to the forefront of not only conference goers’ minds, but the gaming community as a whole. We aim to create a network for developers to support each other and to connect them with fans, publishers, platforms and individuals in mutually beneficial partnerships.

With over 70 companies and their games, there is literally no way you will leave without finding your new favorite game. Seriously.

That’s what we in the industry call a ‘metric crap ton’ of games. And not just any games! These games are interesting and innovative and other buzz words as well. We have mobile, PC, console and probably some platforms you haven’t even heard of before.

How’s that for ground level access?

Brag to your friends and go check them out!

Want to ask the developer a question? Go ahead! They’re in the booth and want to talk to you. In fact, we’re all friendly and run the Indie MEGABOOTH on happiness and rainbows.

Come see people work together to make the world a better place for play. (Weird, right?)