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Indies @ Insomnia 54 – hosted by Multiplay

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This is my second time attending this eSports event up in Coventry and as always I go where the Indies show.

This spring event was all about the players as usual and this year we see a larger attendance of Indies all showing in the Exhibition Hall.

Not only where there Indies, showing their own game But Team 17 where there showing off there Indie Games alongside Jagex too.

Upon entering the venue you quickly came to realise they where quite a few site changes to the areas where the games were to be played.

Upon entering the Main Exhibition Hall you could clearly tell that the stalls where literally crammed into this hall as it was difficult to move around and it got incredibility packed regularly

The Indies were huddled into two corridors with a stage separating them both.

throughout the weekend the Indies in this area we brought on stage to allow them to show off their games.

While the Indies did their best to show off their games a few members of the Insomnia crew did some narration and commentary to help those watching understand what was going on. In my honest opinion they were terrible at it. They took no time to make themselves aware of the games being shown or those involved in making these games (other than Gang Beasts).

The Devs that were popular where clearly being treated differently to the others and this very obvious across all three days this stage was being used.

Here is a run down of some of the games being shown and my experiences with them


The Games