Sweet Arsenic Resilience

Sweet Arsenic show Resilience and respond to feedback

A few days ago I posted an article covering The PC Indie Pitch at Pocketgamer connects 2018. I highlighted my thoughts on all the games shown on the pitch. One of these games, Resilience by Sweet Arsenic (Read the article here), I had a few questions about and some points I wanted to highlight, well, they have reached out and this is what they had to say.

Sweet Arsenic, Marketing Director, Claire Bourgoin

We were glad to meet you at the PC indie pitch on Monday 22nd January.

Just having read your article about the games, we wanted to answer the question you had about Resilience.

We are still in preproduction and are testing several ways to avoid players being blocked without enough survivors to keep going. Our favourite one so far has been to let players redo each level in order to improve their score. As you remember, the player could choose which path the crowd would follow, there is, therefore, replayability per level.

Let us know if this answers your question and/or if you have other questions 🙂

I greatly appreciate their email and welcome anyone I have commented on to do the same if they want.

The fact they are addressing concerns prove they understand what I was trying to achieve. I do not want to upset or hurt developers, but, to engage and encourage developers to give me their best.

I believe that sometimes you can not get the best out of someone without challenging them.

In allowing players to redo levels will give them a chance to improve their score, I would also recommend a reward system as in a gold, silver, bronze score system which is displayed throughout the level ie. for the gold end the level with more than a 1950 score.

This way the player is not only challenging themselves to do their best but, they have an idea of the score they need to continue the story.

I am really looking forward to what comes next now and hope Sweet Arsenic reach out again in the future.