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Super Rude Bear Resurrection on Greenlight

One of the my favourite indie games to play at shows and events is finally on Greenlight!

Super Rude Bear Resurrection is a masocore platformer where dying helps. Whenever you die, you leave a permanent corpse behind that you can use as a meatshield, platform, paperweight etc. to get further – though if you’re good enough you never have to die at all. SRBR caters to speedrunners, but even a novice can beat it with enough corpses.

Also coming to PS4, PSVita and Xbox One too.



Rude Bear is a gangster bear from East London who’s summoned back in time to medieval England by his mortal nemesis, The Wizard, and forced to overcome challenges that are so lethal he’ll (probably) need to be resurrected hundreds of times to stand any chance of getting out.


The Rude Bear universe takes place in a fantasy grime world, with grafitti skylines and a grime soundtrack produced by Deeco, producer for JME, Wiley, Tempa T etc.

There’s about 60 tracks in the game right now.