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Reality is crumbling. Entire worlds have been destroyed by tears in space, and soon there will be nothing. As other clans fight over the scraps, yours delves into the ruins in search of knowledge to save humankind.

You are stranded, alone in a facility that’s been lost for ages. No saves. No continues. You have one chance to make it through alive, so make it count.

The Review

Sublevel Zero is clearly a love letter to the previously famous title Decent.

Conceptionally built back last year for a Ludum Dare game jam #LD29 Theme: Beneath the Surface

The Game

In this 6DoF title the levels are procedurally created so every play through will different from the maps right through to the placement of the enemies and the items they may drop.


This game also has elements of rogue-like-ness where you can craft your own weapons to help move you forward, and permadeath so this game will really challenge you from your ability to find the way move forward right down to the resource management and weapons crafting to be able to survive. Thinking on your feet and the ability to adapt to each of the zones is of mega importance! From the industrial zones to mining caverns each with their own hazards to over come and to do all of this with Zero lives, Zero places to save, you will find that you really have to keep on top of everything making this game at times brutal!


the best advice I can offer you for this amazing game is to make every shot and single one of you decisions count throughout the journey it title will take you on.

Don’t be surprised if you don’t complete the game in your first play through!

The Graphics

This game has come a long way from it’s preconception the graphics are stunning and helps your to truly become enveloped into this new world you are exploring. They have been time where I have become lost in this world and was happy to just explore and discover.


The Controls

The controls differ depending how you decide to play, if like me you opt for the controller the game can be a bit of a challenge to unravel as you are given quite a few commands to remember and to manage, from the flying the vehicle right down to the menu controls. I will say this does not distract from the game as a whole. You may find that a keyboard is easier and even that have a flight stick (or two) easier still so I completely recommend trialling different methods as this game is totally worth immersing yourself into.

Within the game you have the ability to craft and fix weapons to your vehicle, this is done within a menu that you can access in real time. So managing weapons and by collection technology as you fly through the world is critical to you surviving. Again this is were experimenting is suggested to understand what weapons make what when mixed together, maybe had a pen and paper to hand? 😉

Whether you are flying through a wonderfully designed corridor,  battling ships for their tech or expertly making a few tasty rolls as you fly around.

This game is for the gamer looking for something new, exciting and fun!

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Sublevel Zero – SIGTRAP Games – Indie-ducing & Review
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