Siro-A – Main Stage – Hyper Japan



As mentioned already (in ‘The Stalls‘ article) Siro-A are a troupe of mine artist that blend together electronic dance music, projected imagery and comedy to bring something new, a twist on the existing blue man group.

Their set opens up with a set filled with boxes and sheets, with a camera located in the center, one of Siro-A came out and manned the camera, on the main screen he was writing messaged to the crowd. There were also weird outlined shapes, the operator of the camera would then pick out a member of the audience and line up the outline on their face once achieve it would then pop an image, so a young girl go to be superman (girl), an older male member of the audience gained the body of a sexy lady and another guy was given the body of a sumo wrestler (though he clearly hated that). One the operator had “warmed up” the crowd the actual show started.

Using plain white panels and boxes they put one a great show, I won’t ruin it too much but they have video’s all over YouTube, should you want to see the full set, but because I think you won’t be upset I would suggest you check out my teaser below and box yourselves on to their show.

Not only are they incredible, funny and great to watch, but they are very approachable! Through-out the day, both before and after they were onstage they were more than happy to have you take the picture of them, with them, of them doing silly jigs and dances, posing .. it other words they had a lot of time for those that enjoyed there routine. I can not wait to see them again this coming September!

Siro-A – Main Stage – Hyper Japan
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