Pokémon Worlds London 2022

Pokémon Worlds London 2022

I was lucky enough to have a friend who informed me that the ticket reservations for Pokémon Worlds Pokémon Centre were live. And quickly I booked myself a slot at 12 pm the literal opening of the store!

When I arrived, I joined the queue, the queue was very small at this time. We got told by a member of the staff that we did not need to queue.

And so we left the queue and had a look around, the even space is amazing. So many Pokemon images and themed things to do starting tomorrow.

Suddenly it went GO time!

As we attempted to go to get a drink at around 11:40, I got an update. My ticket was gone and they were ready for me, so I panicked and rushed to get let in.

As we excitingly rushed to the queue we noticed there was a massive queue now. At that time we heard the staff shout that if you had a ticket for between 12 pm and 12:30 pm to get in the queue.

This was horrific we were devastated as we were told we would get straight in, so we joined the queue.

The Ticket Fiasco 

Now please don’t judge me but I actually pushed through to as close to the front as I could. The queue was about 12 people wide and full of people messing around.

Some had their tickets telling them they can enter and those that did not. those that did not were actively trying to block us from getting past.

They were in the queue and yet they hadn’t been called in yet and because of them, others could not move forward. It got a little heated.

Of course, I didn’t accept this at all! I managed to press through and one of the staff saw me with my family and allowed us through.

And Then we joined many more queues!

We went from that massive queue to another queue, to another queue. I kid you not!!

What everyone in this queue couldn’t quite understand is why we were not invited into this final section of the queue with our valid 12 pm tickets.

The store was amazing!

At 12 pm the queue was allowed in and immediately was directed into yet ANOTHER QUEUE this one was for a special limited edition Pikachu statue.

After finishing this queue I went into the store and quickly realised the items repeated throughout and there were special areas selling unique Pokemon goods.

This part was very relaxed for me, as I didn’t feel rushed and I was able to take my time to check out most if not all of the merch.

I managed to avoid the Crazy 

I feel massively lucky as since leaving I found myself seeing scenes of chaos and kids crying where their tickets wouldn’t load or update.

So they couldn’t gain entry but these queue-ers were holding up all others further down the queue.

The system went down while I was in the store so the queue quickly became the same free-for-all experienced in 2019!

How could they solve it?

If I was running the Pokémon Worlds London 2022 I would have created 4 queues, one for the 12:00 – 12:10 shoppers, and one for the 12:20 – 12:40 shoppers, etc.

All the users would have to do is prove their ticket times and then enter their queues.

Then before entry, they would be moved to the closest queue to the Store, and then, feed in the 12:20 queue.

And then the next and as this was happening I would have started filling the empty queues with the 13:00 – 13:10 shoppers and rotated.

Did you go to the event? what was your story? and which merch interested you the most?

Photo Time!

Please take some time to enjoy the photos I took from the event.