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The PC Indie Pitch at PC Connects London 2018

A look at the PC Indie Pitch and all the games that were pitching including my thoughts and feedback.


Games Pitched (in order I played them)


Ice Code Games – Re-legion


You play as a prophet in a futuristic technocratic society in a cyberpunk-like RTS. Set the code of your belief, convert citizens to cult members, upgrade them to fighting units and rid the city of non-believers. Turn your ideas into the most powerful religion!

My thoughts

The idea of playing through a Real Time Strategy (RTS) where you can complete the game without having to resort to violence especially interested me. Unfortunately in the 5 minutes allocated it was hard to really understand if the game is going to expand on the religious aspects well. Not being to able to really play the game on the pitch makes it very difficult to honestly judge from a gameplay or user interface perspective.

Price – €20

Release Date – Q2 2018


Fuero Games – Bushy Tail

Fuero Games - Bushy Tail

You play as a Little fox that is imprisoned in a forest after a mysterious beast kills his mother. As he matures, he decides to face the evil powers that are slowly draining life force from the forest. The story is seemingly controlled by the imagination of three main narrators who argue while telling the story. Game changes on the fly depending on the dominant narrator in certain levels.

My Thoughts

My immediate impression was it has wonderful graphics and the idea that the narrators seem to have an impact on the game experience was a good little twist. The gameplay at times slowed down, therefore, become difficult to play. Finally, the conversation would overlap with later conversations because of the speed you where moving through the level.

Price £14.99

Release Q1- Q2 2019


Sweet Arsenic – Resilience

Sweet Arsenic Resilience

Resilience is the first real-time strategy game where you deal with decline.

A constant reduction in technology levels and resources will put you under pressure.
As if that was not enough, the number of survivors is your score.
If you lose them all, you lose the game!

My Thoughts

I was interested in this game at first, I felt that the game was interesting, the idea you start with 2000 followers which you lose bunches of throughout due to enemies and environmental disasters meaning you really had to work hard to maintain as many as possible looked really challenging and fun. Then considering that you had to choose technologies to reduce and remove to be able to continue your mission as well opened the game to possible outcomes.

However, after reevaluating all of this I felt the game could be too disjointing and finding out you could only recuperate your numbers by a small amount once throughout the whole game. I found I kept asking myself how many hours spent or missions completed until you could not possibly continue or even failed? The game and pitch made me ask more questions then I felt I could get answers for and because of that, this game worries me.

Price – €20 – 25

Release – Q4 2019


Planet Colonization


Planet Colonization is a fascinating strategy game with a focus on the functioning of society, trade and defending your colony against other colonies, which appear to be sometimes hostile. The colonizable planet has attracted other settlers too and they don’t like that you are there harvesting the natural resources and occupying ground.

My Thoughts

As a tech demo with placeholders, I felt it was very difficult to accurately judge this title. The graphics were low and the information too plentiful to the point of being overly complicated. Not being able to get my hands on the game to explore it made it very difficult to judge and it lacked direction and a unique selling point.

My first impression was that this is an excel spreadsheet with graphs and a low graphic representation of that information.

Price – €20 -30

Release – Q4 2018


Telehorse – Steamburg

steamburg game

A puzzle adventure game with story exploration elements combined with narrative elements

My Thoughts

I really liked the artwork, the design and the hidden room elements mixed together very well. The thing that lacked for me with this title was the character wasn’t well animated and looked as stiff and lifeless as the robots in the game. This game looked like a mobile game which was being ported to the PC. I liked the developer had thought clearly about the social aspect of the game adding achievements to the title.

Price – €10

Release – Now


This Dead Winter – Robert Potter


This Dead Winter is a dark fantasy adventure game set in ancient woodland, gripped by an eternal winter. You’re one of the few remaining animals left, a bright red fox. Your cub has been mysteriously taken and you must find a way to get her back.

My Thoughts

I really loved this game, the controls were on point, graphically good and clearly a loved project. I loved I was able to play the game on the pitch and that the developer had a clear vision of what he wanted to achieve. He clearly had considered what he wanted to pitch and in my opinion, he delivered.

Price – £11.99

Release – 13 months from investment


Headshot Labs – Cheeta


Tactical, wave arena action game with a top-down perspective

My thoughts

I don’t like being negative about developers, I love them, this game needs such a large overhaul that it is not worth going through all the points. Most of all, I hope their next pitch that they’ll have something more on offer.

I encourage them to reach out to me directly if they want to know more.

Price – €5 – 10

Release – Q2 2018


ASA Studios – BFF or Die


You play as one of four alien dropouts from the Intergalactic Time Academy. Who decided to go joyriding in a faulty Chrono-Crosser, as a result, they find themselves trapped in Ancient Egypt! They must survive using cunning, cooperation and camaraderie!

My Thoughts

The game improves every single time I play it, every single tweak or suggestion expertly integrated into the game. This is a game where no matter your age or ability you can sit down play.

Price – £15

Release – forgot to ask was busy playing the game


Dream Harvest – Failure: NeuroSlicers

Failure NeuroSlicers

Shape The Cyberspace World Of The NeuroNet. Failure is an RTS at its heart, but it’s an unconventional one blending deck building, god-like powers, tower defence like building and AI controlled units.

My Thoughts

Well presented, graphics and pitch are great. The video, in addition, helped you to understand the style and flow well also.

I’d recommend this title to any RTS fan new and old.

Price – £24.99

Release – 2019


Badseed – Insidia


Insidia is a turn-based online strategy game. In fastpaced battles, two players confront each other commanding a band of four powerful heroes, engaging in a gameplay that blends together League of Legends with X-COM.

My Thoughts

The models, look and style are impressive. I can defiantly see fans of MOBA enjoying this title. Because all of the moves are selected at the same time it makes for a proactive strategy game. Because I couldn’t play the game it is difficult to see how competitive the game gets.

Price – Free to play (in-app purchases)

Release – Now


Space Cows – Happy Corruption

space cows r471x

Space Cows is a crazy physics-based action puzzler set in zero gravity.

My Thoughts

Interesting and somewhat funny physics, a good tech demo. Would have loved to play it and like to have more understanding of goal and direction.

Price – €10 – 15

Release – Q3 2018


Cow Fish Games – Utopia


A competitive online game that combines the micro of Starcraft with the heroes of League of Legends. Two players control powerful robot champions, each with unique designs and play-styles, battle head-to-head to control power.

My Thoughts

A few of the mechanics of this title were really exciting, merging weapon fire like Ghostbusters crossing streams and watching it work was great. Maybe if I had the chance to play multiplayer against a fellow judge I could be more positive, sadly, that did not happen. Cool character designs though.

Price – Alpha Access

Release – No date currently in mind


Insane Robots – Playniac

capsule main

A quirky, “rogue-lite” 2D strategy game where you battle for survival with token-based skirmishes in random-generated arenas. Each tournament brings tales of loyalty and betrayal; cold logic and insane risk. Discover branching, reactive stories; strange and rare augments; special boosts that bring surprising twists to battles; dynamic hazards like the acid cloud or ring of death; and deadly enemy robots ready to fight you and each other.

My Thoughts

Well presented, well pitched understood the USP of the title well and demonstrated a lot to us in the limited time. A game for a fan of card games and deep strategy.

Price – £15

Release – Q2 2018


B2expand – Beyond the Void

PC Indie Pitch - Beyond The Void

a unique combination of strategy and 1vs1 competitive game that takes place in a world between science-fiction and fantasy.

My Thoughts

This game heavily reminded me of games like Homeworld, in look and play style. The game is a simple tech demo built to demonstrate the blockchain technology they are actually wanting to sell to other development teams.

Price – FTP (Blockchain)

Release – In early access now



PC Indie Pitch - HiberVR

Create, experience and share your very own immersive experiences in VR with HiberVR.
No coding or expensive gear needed.

My Thoughts

To be honest and not brutal this isn’t a game as much as it’s an educational tool helping potential future artists, developers and designers to understand building something and how physics and lighting etc impact objects.

Price – Freemium

Release – TBC


Team Jolly Roger – Worbital

PC Indie Pitch - Worbital

A real-time artillery strategy game, peppered with a heavy dose of cosmic chaos. Spun off from the turn-based Interplanetary, Worbital attempts to realize interplanetary war in real-time, emphasizing hype-filled gameplay and gravitational destruction.

My Thoughts

Great little game fun multiplayer game where you destroy planets all the while protecting your own. sadly didn’t get a chance to play it but the pitch was good and so I am looking out for this one.


Price – €20

Release – Q3 2018