A curved-space infinite-arena shooter with novel weapon trade-off mechanics. Currently in early but active development, he’ll be running playtests throughout the summer to make sure Bounds is a bonkers but balanced twin-stick blast. Release is targeted for Autumn 2017. DEV Blog – via Twitter #Bounds progress this week: – bullet-time and bomb – larger multi-hex […]

[Indie-ducing] – Bounds – @BarrySkellern – #IndieDevHour

About Plasmoid You play as a floating orb on its odyssey through fantastical worlds. Wage the impossible struggle to bring back the ‘Light Force’ and save these worlds from the dire fate of total and unforgiving darkness. Siege the darkness who has send their forces to oppose your plans and engage you in hazardous particle […]

[Indie-ducing] Plasmoid – @LightmileStudio – #IndieDevHour

“Checkmate” is a cross-over between Sid Meier’s Civilization V and Chess. By combining the management element from Civilization V with the strategy part of Chess, this game creates a unique experience for all ages. About Checkmate This game is currently in development by a 1-man team. The idea originated from Civilization V itself, which he […]

[Indie-ducing] Checkmate – @Quackertree – #IndieDevHour

This article was possible because of my lovely Patreons!! Here is a low down of the 33 games I played while at EGX Rezzed 2017, games to be on the look at for and buy.   Leftfield Collection These 20 games showcased at EGX Rezzed 2017 will be typically unknown and so come first.   A […]

EGX Rezzed 2017

Hyper Sentinel is a blistering side-scrolling shoot ’em up presented by Andrew Hewson, founder of Hewson Consultants (Uridium, Paradroid, Nebulus, Zynaps, Cybernoid, Quazatron, Stormlord, Exolon, Eliminator) and 21st Century Entertainment (Pinball Dreams, Pinball Fantasies). Andrew Hewson’s companies famously discovered and promoted legendary developers like Steve Turner, Andrew Braybrook and Raffaele Cecco. Now, with the discovery […]

[Indie-ducing] – Hyper Sentinel – Huey Games

Back in September 2016 I got a chance to sit down and play an early version of this title, at the time there was no solid date, until today! Dad Quest’s launch day has been confirmed and it’s close, with players able to get their hands on the game on 23rd February. To celebrate this […]

[Indie-ducing] – Dad Quest – Sundae Month

Here is a retrospective view of the game pitched at the Big Indie Pitch held at Apps World 2016 in October. Each game will have a description of the game and a short feedback statement.   Balls – Jason Tuyen Balls is an endless physics puzzle game in which you have to tap a ball […]

The Big Indie Pitch – Apps World 2016

Welcome to my look back over those 37 games I helped have judged at The Very Big Indie Pitch London 2017 hosted by at Pocket Gamer Connects London 2017 Warning this is my honest opinion is meant to be taken as constructive feedback if you feel anything I say isn’t to your liking please do […]

The Very Big Indie Pitch London 2017

Remember Poncho? That really cool 2D platformer I have spoken about on more than a few occasions? Well, it seems the team behind the game may be in a bit of a bind, allow me to highlight the following article on DESTRUCTOID – The makers of Poncho have some words of wisdom for indie developers   Now […]

Rising Star Games And Delve Interactive Air Dirty Laundry

NIVA is a pacifistic exploration art game. The player slips into the role of a mighty forest god to restore the harmony in a mesmerizing forest and relieve it of a mysterious infestation. This shuddersome, mothlike infestation is drawn to the conflicts of the forest’s inhabitants. Through observation and by using the abilities of nurturing […]

[Indie-ducing] – NIVA

Candle is an adventure with challenging puzzles. Play as Teku, a young novice on a dangerous journey to rescue his tribe’s shaman from the evil tribe of the Wakcha. But the way is littered with sinister traps and difficult obstacles. To master these challenges, you need to have keen eyes and a good sense for […]

[Indie-ducing] – Candle – Teku Studios

GoNNER is a tough as hell procedurally-generated 2D platformer with roguelike elements, following the largely misunderstood and altruistic Ikk on a journey to cheer up his only friend in this world—a giant landbound whale named Sally—by searching for just the right trinket in the deep and dark places nearby. With Death as his mentor, supplying […]

[Indie-ducing] – GoNNER – Art in Heart

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