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Free Indie Space at Reading Comic Con

Reading Comic Con 2017 is the second year since its creation.   Born due to the collaboration between two event organisers who pledged to bring local comic conventions to fans that may find it difficult to attend the larger events.   This year saw the introduction of the newly established gaming area at Reading hosted by …

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Big Indie Pitch

The Big Indie Pitch – Develop – Retrospective

The Big Indie Pitch Develop in Brighton was an exciting opportunity for Indie developers from all over the world to grab a drink, show off their game, and maybe even take home one of the top three prizes while at the main Develop event held just down the road. This wasn’t my first time at …

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[Indie-Ducing] – StarFlint – Stunmason Games

Starflint is sleek and gorgeous game with a hand drawn style. It is an authentic and beautiful cartoon-style point and click adventure. The story takes place in a faraway future, where latent chaos reigns and where several races engage a constant battle; the power is in the hands of the most powerful corporations, the reigning …

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[Indie-Ducing] – Exception – @TraxmasterSoft – #Indiedevhour

Exception is a 2.5D platformer game that combines intense action and transforming levels to bring a new experience to an established genre. Levels flip, rotate and manipulate themselves to radically alter the landscape in ways rarely seen from a platform game. Battle across more than a hundred inventive levels as you struggle to bring peace …

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[Indie-Ducing] Battlesloths – @InvisibleThrill – #IndieDevHour

Sloths. Pizza. Chaos. Battlesloths 2025: The Great Pizza Wars is the fast-paced multiplayer competitive twin-stick shooter of your slothy dreams. Compete with up to 4 human players or play against AI sloths. Use a myriad of weaponry to destroy your enemies in a quest to… EAT. ALL. PIZZA!!! Features Battlesloths is a lightning-fast competitive local …

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[Indie-Ducing] – Morphite – @polygonalmind – #Indiedevhour

Morphite is an atmospheric exploration sci-fi shooter with platforming elements. It is lovingly inspired by classics – Metroid Prime, Ratchet and Clank, and Turok. Your goal is to explore the galaxy, research plants and animals, battle hostile entities, and unravel a mystery surrounding a rare material called Morphite. Morphite is set to be a deep …

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