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[indie-ducing] Band Saga – Kickstarter

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Hey Guys,

I’m backing another Kickstarter and am asking for your to help this developer succeed !

Created by one of the Co-creators of one of my favourite indie titles Celestial Mechanica 



A musical Action Roguelike of epic proportions

The story is centred around two friends, with an extreme love for music, who set out on a quest to become rock stars.

Hyper Japan Summer 2014

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Well it was July, and this is my third blog about something awesome, centers around something I love;

That’s right HYPER JAPAN !

As some of my regular readers of my blog will know I have been to every single Hyper Japan since it’s first, writing about my experiences and those that attend, the new “trends”, the food and of course the culture influences is something I will continue to write about as a male Japanese geek and gaming lover.

Noaksey @ Sake Experience

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This year I got myself involved in the Sake Experience as I would like more people similar to me to be invested in and trying sake!

Now before you delve into what I thought and felt about the different sake’s at the Sake Experience I would strongly urge you to take some time to familiarize your self into what exactly Sake is where it comes from, how’s it made and the different types of Sake.

Now you can do this in one of many ways you can

Read Noaksey’s break down

Read Tenku Sake’s Blog

Read Explore Sake by Natsuki Kakuya

Now you are more familiar with Sake you’ll hopefully understand my thoughts and labelling.