Hyper Japan Summer 2014

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Well it was July, and this is my third blog about something awesome, centers around something I love;

That’s right HYPER JAPAN !

As some of my regular readers of my blog will know I have been to every single Hyper Japan since it’s first, writing about my experiences and those that attend, the new “trends”, the food and of course the culture influences is something I will continue to write about as a male Japanese geek and gaming lover.

Due to the fact last year only saw one Hyper Japan event I was twitching about when the next one was due. So after a long year wait Hyper Japan Summer 2014 finally arrived

Now I reflect back on this years Summer event.

When  walking into the main entrance you were immediately welcomed by a DJ, pumping out all the latest and greatest Japanese hits from J-pop to J-rock and event anime musics too.  Which immediately got people into the Japanese spirit!

The first thing I wanted to do was to check out all that was there! I I decided to scope out the stalls and the merch, of course, I saw a few familiar faces and stalls, as well as a few new additions but briefly before I talk about the stalls and the new additions. Unlike last year this year the arena was spaced out and very well thought out. I had no trouble walking around finding stalls or something to do still the food stall where still quite busy it was a lot easier to get something to eat.

Due to the better placing of the stages and stalls and designating areas themed to certain things as a fan you could easly find what you wanted and buy it, so wanted something cute, well head to the HYPER KAWAII area or wanted something gaming well head to the Hyper Game & Anime Park!



I spent most of my time Saturday looking for and snapping cosplay, though I suppose I did make it hard for myself as I was mainly looking to snap gaming cosplay and interesting styles or cosplay. The main Game Characters event happened Friday which I only found out about on the Thursday before so follow the links below to see them either on my social platforms and feel free to share them. if you want the unedited version then please contact me.

Sake Experience

As a gamer and geek, I was not really aware of sake until I really got to try some at the first Sake Experience I went to. Since I have been a real fan and because I regularly attend sake experiences and I like to believe I have a taste for it and am an experience sake follow the link below for my impressions and likes and dislikes when it came to the sake experience.


Hyper Japan Summer 2014
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