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April saw the return of EGX Rezzed 2016 and as you would expect I was very excited even tough the weather did not hold out too well and with previous heavy rain causing flooding to the venue meant it had a very cold, damp, misirble feel to it.

Something worth a mention was as you entered you were treated to a gift bag from one of this year’s sponsors, Greenman Gaming, which contained a promo code which gave you three free games from their store.

The Games

This year had by far the most unique selection of games available. I am going to change a little of how I talk and ‘review’ titles. Before I would just yammer on about grading and rating and blah, blah, blah and I came to a realisation – Indies and the love I have for them isn’t about that, it’s about how they as an individual game entertained me and why.

Maybe you’ll see something in this to get out your money and throw it at these well deserving developer

The Indie Room

Caretaker Sacrifice



Caretaker was one of the few games not in a VR room which was being demonstrated in VR so it was quite interesting to try out. Upon setting up the VR and headset, you were taught how to navigate the ship.

The ship moved in the direction of where you were facing, so moving your body and head allowed you to better navigate the world within.


The controls were at first a bit confusing as they didn’t play as you might expect if you were an experienced First Person Shooter fan, in fact it did take a while to really get to grips on how exactly you navigated.



So the demo itself consisted of three playable arenas, not including the tutorial area where you were introduced to the set up and controls and also where you got your first glimpse of the caretakers you were soon to face.

In the main demo the caretakers came at you with two unique types each with an unique ability. One of these caretakers will charge at you ramming you, depleting your shield and then finally your health the other caretaker has a beam weapon of sorts and will strike at you from range. You are equipped also with a lazer which you use to destroy the attacking Caretakers. Your main goal is to deactivate these radioactive panels before you are overwelmed with radiation. So there is also a time restraint to this game to consider when mapping out your next moves.


This game is very enduring and can be very exhausting when using the VR unit so be warned, but saying that you are totally immersed and it is actually fun to play. You’ll find yourself wobbling and swaying as you play while your brain believes you’re actually flying. It can actually cause motion sickness if you are not careful. Ultimately this title is for a casual gamer, it’s an really immersive experience and one to enjoy at home.

De Mambo


A title I have covered before and in fact one which I supported during their Kickstarter a while back which was successfully funded.


This game is fast paced, chaotic and fun, a true retro inspired title. Taking elements of game play from games such as Super Smash Bros and breakout. You play one of four players you choose your color and once all players are decided you pick a stage. Each of the stages are unique and interesting and each with its own pro and con. Your goal is to eliminate your opponents by forcing them off screen. Each player has three lives once you have lost all three depending on how many lives you opponents have you may get a chance to steal there lives of another player and as such getting back into the fight. In De Mambo death isn’t necessarily the end of the fight. Your Character also has a interesting array of move sets which change depending on how long you hold your button down you have a quick press attack a spin attack which activates upon holding the button briefly, a sheild and finally a blast which fires out bullets in four different directions. Becoming accustomed to the way this works is key to your survival / victory.


This game makes me twitchy, competitive, panicked and excited. Totally a game for us that like to be challenged.



Are you interested in being truely tested? This game is for you.

This title is all about testing you and your ability to play as two separate glowing balls of light both which act exactly the same as you move them, which for a simple pattern is easy, that is, until the two patterns change and you have you map out each move, jump, step to reach the end and successfully finishing each puzzle. This married with a steady incline of difficulty makes this a completionists worse/best challenge.


Black & White Bushido


This title is a kind of an arena fighting game where there is a comflict between light and shadow samurai. Your goal is to battle for control of the light or the dark in multiple arenas, hiding from your foes and striking when they least expect it. Though when I played it against other attendees we all did very little hiding 😉


This title is very competitive, fast, requires twitch reflexes to be successful against your foes.


Gyrodisc Super League


Fan of arcade games? Want to play some of your favourites in up-to-date graphics?

Well if you are / were a fan of Wind Jammers this game is totally up your street.


This title of you against your opponents in a frisbee game unlike any other your goal is to score in the goal of your opponents, sounds simple enough? Well if you got the outer edges you will gain 2 points however striking the centre and you get 3 points. The first to 5 points win the game, but, then it’s the best of five games to overall win so you have a chance to come back. Oh did I mention power attacks? Yeah this game has power attacks, and each character has unique stats and unique power attacks meaning you can find a style you enjoy and get really good with that character. At the time of this demo there was only three to choose from but I know more are coming.


This game is fast, competitive, challenging and rewarding.

Nature’s Zombie Apocalypse


Are you a fan of zombie survival titles but are bored with the same old routine then this game is for you.


This top down waves of zombies arena pit game has you playing as wild animals who are left to fend themselves against the hordes of Zombies only they are armed to the teeth! Fast paced and full of humor and fun makes ths game something to pick up if you are looking for something to truely entertain you.


City Of The Shroud


City of the Shroud is a tactical RPG with an explosive, combo-based battle system, set in a world where bitter rivalries battle for control of a city on the brink of civil war.


Your choices, and the choices of every player, will drive a living story of shifting alliances as you race to uncover the truth.

This game requires you to think about each move, and each attack allowing you to truely plan out your moves Interesting battle system to really adds to this title. I found myself wanting to play for longer but had the time to. Really liked the pacing and flow a game for the RPG / RTS / Combat Strategy fans.


Deadbeat Heroes


Deadbeat Heroes is a Movement based 3D brawler where you (and a friend) dodge bullets, steal super powers and crack wise. You play as the new wave of ‘Deadbeat Heroes’.


Not born with their own powers, they are armed with a prototype super gauntlet – which has the ability to ‘borrow’ the powers of others.


You will (both) vie to win the hearts of the public with your amazing derring do, while not getting shot, sliced, lasered, exploded, vaporized, eaten..

In this game you fight as a 9 – 5 business worker who has be given a super gauntlet as part of his job and how you work your day, well by defeating badguys.

Very stylish and interesting, reminded me of Viewtiful Joe, Wonderful 101 meets Marvellous Miss Take. Fun and an easy game to take the reigns of a game for the gamer looking for fun.

Doctor Kvorak’s Obliteration Game


Doctor Kvorak is an evil intergalactic TV Games Show host who presents the biggest and most famous game show in the Galaxy: The Obliteration Game.


You take the role of three contestants who have been forced to take part in this game, one wrong move and you get obliterated. This game requires more than just your ability to solve puzzles to move forward. Family fun with elements of risk and danger of obliteration for the puzzle solver.

Pocket Galaxy


Take control and build your very own intergalactic mining fleet. Tap as fast as you can to aim your laser cannons and destroy a diverse galaxy of planets, all in the name of glorious profit! Travel back in time with your planetary destruction research and create powerful future weapons that can unleash a devastating torrent of power. It’s planetary bubble wrap, all sealed and packaged for your phone!


Ever wanted to know just how quickly you could dismantle a planet? How about three planets? What about 20 planets? Well Pocket Galaxy is about to answer that question, in this game you have to build up your very own mining fleet, using your fingers to tap, chip and break apart planets you are scored adn encouraged to break as many planets as you can for the profit of your company. This is how you make a tap to destroy game! For the family, fun, fast and competitive !

Shadow Hand


Combining an historical visual novel narrative with a card-driven RPG, Shadowhand’s story spans 20 chapters of atmospheric locations including stormy coastlines, mysterious woods and gloomy manors.


Featuring 180 levels of elegant and intense single-player card action, players must dodge the law and brawl with outlaws in turn-based combat, gaining experience to customize their character and collect new weapons, gear and loot.

You play as Shadowhand who when isn’t acting as the beguiling young aristocrat Lady Cornelia Darkmoor, masquerades as this notorious highwaywoman. Shadowhand needs to duel powerful enemies with unique solitaire-style turn-based combat. Build mini-decks and equip your character strategically to sneak, slice and blast through foes! For fans of card-driven RPG games!

The Dwarves


The Dwarves is an RPG with physics-based combat and an intriguing story and with out a doubt one of the most graphically impressive games I have had the chance to play, this game has such a beautiful style and look I was mezorized by the cut scenes, it was like a movie.


You play as Tungdil, a dwarf who was raised among humans and gained his knowledge of the five Dwarven Kingdoms primarily from books. He sets out on a grand journey across “Girdlegard” – a conglomeration of kingdoms that’s now more dangerous than ever.

This game expertly blends RPG with their own Crowd Combat System and story-based tactical RPG elements. Such a good solid game and good looking to boot!

Curve Digital Floor



A puzzle game with added platforming and ‘bullet time’ mechanics.

In this gamer you play as a young person with no colour you are just black, black like the world around you. You stumble upon a power, the power to see colours, each color will allow you to see other hidden colours while hiding that same color objects. So in a blue world you can see any object as long as it’s not blue if you want to see blue you’ll need to change the color of the world around you.


Got a green wall blocking you, no problem change the world color green and the wall will have disappeared meaning you can move on. While you are changing colour the world does on stop and not do you making a leap of faith towards a gapping hole of doom, no worries change the world color and see if there is a platform hidden.

This game is simple, fun, challenging and puzzling. For a true puzzle platformer fan.

10 Second Ninja X


The original game was so good they did it again but with Xtra stuff and Xtra hard

This demo was pretty much a collection of the original games levels just so you could see the improvements. Myself and a fellow dev got very competitive over who could best the time for each level. 10 Second Ninja is all about gaming dexterity. If you can’t twitch play then maybe miss this game as you will not get many stars which each level is scored on, if you best the time well you will get rewarded with 3 Stars.


Hyper competitive and brutal levels and time restraints makes this gamers with trained hands.

PlayStation Indies

Coffin Dodgers


Newly ported to the Xbox Coffin Dodgers is a silly, fun and is some ways just wrong Racing game where you play as a old aged pensioner who has made a deal with death that as long as you can beat him in a race, (not come last), you will continue living, only Death as always has a few tricks up his sleeves from having Zombies intruding the race but ever time someone comes last or Last and second from last this characters dies and they two become Zombies who will help Death in making sure your demise is more likely to happen of course the stacks are not truely against you if you drive well you can buy upgrades to your mobility scooter which will keep you in the running to stay alive.


This is a game clearly inspired by fun racing games of old like Mario Kart and Diddy Kong Racing.


This is a fun, family game, just be carful if you invite your Nan or Grandad to come and play who knows maybe they’ll out live you 😉

Leftfield Collection


This is one of the gems of Rezzed for me, hidden away in the Leftfield collection you had two different ways to experience the game via IPad or via VR. I actually played both versions but will focus on the VR as this was the way the developer wanted you to play his title.


The game has no goal, you have no bosses and you have no kidnapped victim to rescue, nope this game was all about the experience.

Focused around destressing and leaving out your emotional balance this game had you playing as / following the path of a pixelated colourful bird with you used a controller to fly as well as the headset, you could fly softly and glide around exploring the nooks and crannies or you could go full force darting through the trees and mountains within this world. Trust me when I say I totally did both. Once I had confidence in the controller I was off, darting around, rushing through the branches find smaller gaps to test myself on though after a while I found myself to naturally calm down and mostly glide, listen and look to this world I was welcomed into.


If you are looking for a truely unlimited free roaming adventure with a beautiful atmosphere and feeling of immersion then Fugl is what you will need to own today!



In this title you play as a Soviet cosmonaut sent to investigate a communications blackout aboard a covert military space station. Your mission is to explore the station and find out why the crew has seemingly disappeared. As you explore, the events leading up to your arrival portray the emotional toll that living in has space has had on the crew.

You have to navigate the ship in Zero Gravity and each manoeuvre you take needs to be planned out because once you’ve pushed away from the wall there’s no stopping you.

This game has a real lonely, sad, empty and frightening feel even though you are not being hunted or jumped out at the feeling of being totally useless and helpless is overwhelming obvious in this game.

This is a real experience and one to be enjoyed in your own pace. Sadly a busy Expo does not do this title justice.

Square Enix Collective

Tokyo Dark


Tokyo Dark is an anime-style horror adventure game combining point and click and visual novel genres.


The story follows Detective Itō accross Tokyo, searching for the truth behind her partner’s strange disappearance. Featuring puzzles, stat management, and difficult decisions, Tokyo Dark puts the narrative in the hands of the player.


Players’ decisions change their character, opening or locking options and leading to multiple endings.

This title has all the elements I love, it has a point and click investigating engine, a puzzle solving element, an anime feel and Horror / thrilling story base. These elements are great on paper, though the game was clunky and felt a little disappointing. Though the game is in the early stages of development so I hold on to the hope that this game will impress and I will fall in love with the game as I know I should have. Keep an eye on this title it may build up into what I hope it can be.

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Manual Samuel


You play the part of a lay about spoiled daddy’s boy, Samuel. Everything in his life has happened automatically, without him having to lift a finger. After an ugly accident involving a septic tank truck, Sam is forced to make a deal with Death on which you the player have to control Sam manually including doing tasks such as breathing and walking.


This game requires a lot of multi-tasking and can get rather tiring due to the constant minute by minute management of Sam’s movements to keep him alive. I would recommend to everyone as this game is fun, quirky and enjoyable I would make you that you take a few breaks in between sections.



Noaksey @EGX Rezzed 2016 Tobacco Docks
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