MCM Expo London Comic Con – 2013

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Following my passion for all things gaming and geek I decided to go to the MCM Expo London Comic Con 2013.

My mission was simple – “take snaps of anyone in gaming related cos-play” – How did I do? well you’ll have to read on!

Sunday at MCM Expo London Comic Con 2013

I went only on Sunday, it was still very busy and buzzing with people moving around and the like.

The only small, tiny, minute problem… The night before I didn’t get much sleep meaning that the 1 – 2 hour journey really took a toll on my and my ability to spot Cos-play.

in the end I got a small selection of photos of which I am happy about and if you want to have a look you can find them here!

Next time I might post my intentions to snap and blog before I go, maybe even arrange a meetup and get snapping!

The Event

The event was full of things to do, see and experience.

There were areas for you if you want to play games, or if you wanted some new merch both independent or branded.

So far in a number of my experiences to date the events I have attended have rarely considered male fans when it came to Merch, MCM Expo seemed to actually have that quite covered, there were a lot of stalls that had something I was look twice at and even some I would consider buying which for me was quite a rare experience. Now I know MCM Expo themselves are not responsible for the type of merchandise that these stalls offer but they clearly attract the right kind of stalls.

I like the fact they seems to have in this instant mixed up areas, I mean I was walking through the Gaming Area where I could have queued and played Dark Souls II (though I have already played it so why bother) to then be looking at comics, then to find there was more merch and after you walk through them and find another smaller gaming area where they had some arcade machines and Rock Band, So after this I decided to walk around a bit more to find more stuff more, there was so much around, which was brilliant, but, this made it very challenging to keep tabs on when you saw something that you thought “I’ll get that later” which I did a number of times.

I didn’t spend much time checking out the food stalls because I was so distracted by the merch and cos-players that I almost forgot to eat, thought I did have some Nice Ice Shaved-ice again..  

Thinking back I would have to say that if I am honest I earned like 4 / 10 for my efforts in gaining gaming cos-play, but next time.. ohhh you just wait!

Summary: I would whole heartedly recommend MCM Expo to any fellow geeks and I can’t wait until the next one!

MCM Expo London Comic Con – 2013
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