Leftfield Collection @EGX – Top 5 Games Played and Floor Winner

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Leftfield Collection

Leftfield Collection @EGX typically gets overlooked because of its lack of marketing funds that most of the teams have to grab your attention but giving the whole area some of your gaming time tend to work out in your favour.

Not only are these games hand-picked for the show, but, each and everyone is somehow well thought out, interesting and just downright fun, marry this with pretty much zero queuing as well and Leftfield Collection @EGX is for you to go if you want to play something different!

Top 5 Games of Leftfield

No. 5



This fast place platform, clearly inspired by the likes of Super Meat Boy is for those of you looking for a mobile game to challenge you. For less than a coffee you can grab yourself a copy of this title on most mobile platforms. Your tasked to battle against console corruptions by flicking, clicking and flipping your self through challenging levels of increasing difficulty.

No. 4



Not your average console / PC game, Line Wobbler is an event game which challenges players to best the game in a limited space and with limited abilities.

the game is set out on a LED strip where you play as a green dot and you move alone the lights and avoid obstacles whilst making use of your only real main defence where you wobble the controller and are then able to a short time destroy anything red.


The fact this game is played on a LED Strip means you can change the difficulty and where you play by literally moving it, the hallway, the stairwell even the toilet?!

This game is true enjoyment in it’s purest form.

No. 3



This PC game at the time I was playing it was only 8 days worth of work, and it was well put together and really fun!

This game challenges you to either complete a task or shape yourself and your friend into a familiar shape. To achieve this you have to really work together and understand how best to shape yourself using the body of your friend. Interestingly once you have shaped your friends body the new shape will change how they can shape your body.

Some of the challenges include making yourselves look like a rocket, transfer and sharpen a pencil and dunking a basketball

Great game already and very excited to see how they are going to grow it!

No. 2



In this pixel-lated world you play as a mechanic whom enjoys helping people, the problem is, you’re not allowed to break away the norm, it’s against the law!

Based in an universe were your job is absolute and you are not allowed to don’t anything else beyond what has been forced upon you. A small handful of people decide to rise up and challenge this, though by doing this they unleash the full force of the law and of ‘Mother’ upon them.

Join Robin as she rebels against Mother and the norm alone side other free thinking heroes in this Metroidvania style title!

The Leftfield Champion



This is one dark, sinister, epic trip into music and rhythm

The game maps out pathways and challenges which require you to overcome by learning the pattern within the music all the while being swept away by the amazing fluidity and almost magical journey you embark on.


You are challenged not only with beats, turns and obstacles but with bosses too.

This game hands down wins my game of the floor!


Leftfield Collection @EGX – Top 5 Games Played and Floor Winner
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