Insomnia 51

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This was my first and in no way my last Insomnia event. Insomnia 51 pretty much had everything I could want from a gaming event and the best part is that the staff and those running the show had as much fun doing it as we did getting involved.


The Event

I arrived at Insomnia 51 on the Friday, I understand now however I could have arrived earlier but I actually still had a ton of fun. I collected my pass to the event and decided to go and check out the layout.

The event seemed to be running across four floors of gaming fun and action,

The basement / dungeon / main stage area was were the main activities took place I attended the Main stage to watch and be involved in the opening ceremony. I managed to even get trampled on by the huge swarm of children, desperate for freebies and Haribo.


After the main event I then spent the rest of the event checking out the different stalls within the Exhibitors Hall. The Hall was split very well it had the right amount of space and selection and there was rarely a time you couldn’t find something to do here, (yet if you did manage this there was still more floors to check out!)


I met some familiar faces and some new ones within the Indie section, I got to play pretty much of of them and here are the games note as I write up the info I will link these images to the posts, I will also update existing games with any note worthy changes to the game.




splemy-Mobile game









I also got to play a few other games such as Transformers Universe and Evolve both which I gained T-shirts from for being awesome at playing the game!



The end of the first night there was meant to have been a Just Dance – Dance off in the main stage but when I arrived with other enthusiasts in tow we discovered that they had decided to not bother because “we didn’t think anyone would turn up”

So my self and my crew planted ourselves into the centre of the hall right in front of the stage and demanded this to happen and you know what … it did!


We are the third group to get up and dance!

and were are the judges at the front –


In my opinion we won the dance off even though it was really just for fun!

The second night there was a Pub Quiz for charity so the crew and I hefted our potions of Lesser Intelligence Juice and attended the quiz here is how it began!

On the last day the Indie Devs and I were a bit tired and a bit crazy and so we decided to end the event it our own little way!


How ever the last night had but one final event, the one to celebrate the events success and ending.

I will be completely honest if you want to chill out gaming through the day and have a wild time at night this is the event for you!

it was for me!


Insomnia 51
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