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Founded in 1999, for over 14 years the Insomnia Gaming Festival has been a place for gamers of all backgrounds to congregate, socialise, discover new things and ultimately just play.

The Insomnia Gaming Festival has had many homes in its lifetime, and the Ricoh Arena in Coventry, England seems like a perfect progression for us. It takes place from Friday to Monday, with EAS (Early Arrival Service) attendees being able to get here as early as Thursday! As for accommodation during the event, you can camp in our adjacent camping area, or stay in one of the many hotels we have subsidised throughout the weekend especially for guests.

Insomnia is a culmination of all of the best bits of video gaming. It combines a massive LAN, a growing exhibition, prize-based competitive gaming tournaments, and other interesting activities within the package of an inclusive, gaming-focused social atmosphere. At an Insomnia Gaming Festival we have a little something for everyone.

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