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This is my second time attending this eSports event up in Coventry and as always I go where the Indies show.

This spring event was all about the players as usual and this year we see a larger attendance of Indies all showing in the Exhibition Hall.

Not only where there Indies, showing their own game But Team 17 where there showing off there Indie Games alongside Jagex too.

Upon entering the venue you quickly came to realise they where quite a few site changes to the areas where the games were to be played.

Upon entering the Main Exhibition Hall you could clearly tell that the stalls where literally crammed into this hall as it was difficult to move around and it got incredibility packed regularly

The Indies were huddled into two corridors with a stage separating them both.

throughout the weekend the Indies in this area we brought on stage to allow them to show off their games.

While the Indies did their best to show off their games a few members of the Insomnia crew did some narration and commentary to help those watching understand what was going on. In my honest opinion they were terrible at it. They took no time to make themselves aware of the games being shown or those involved in making these games (other than Gang Beasts).

The Devs that were popular where clearly being treated differently to the others and this very obvious across all three days this stage was being used.

Here is a run down of some of the games being shown and my experiences with them


The Games


Colour Me Crazy,



Colour Me Crazy or CMC for short is a puzzle platformer using colour’s to navigate the various obstacles throughout the game, depending on what colour the player is depends what type of obstacle the player can go through, as well as what platforms they can stand on. The player can only go pass obstacles that are the same colour as themselves as well as avoid the numerous hazards within each level.

This game was fun to play but better to speed run.

I was there when the demo speed run time was set to 60 seconds to complete the demo my fastest time was 64 seconds.

I also named the Cube “Sean”

Because I could.

I Want To Be Human,


Hubert the robot wishes he was human and the only thing he believes is different is that human’s have organs and robots don’t. So he’s on a quest, to collect as many organs as he can, even if that does mean he might need to dismember and kills a few people

This game is graphically interesting and fun, and really pushes the limitations to what we consider as a “Teen” rated game.

With a clearly nod of the cap to those retro games before it this game demo allows you to explore the world of I Want To Be Human and gives you a few challenges, a few power-ups and a mini boss to battle.


Super Rude Bear Resurrection,



In Super Rude Bear Resurrection, every time you die, you leave a permanent corpse that you can use as a carpet/meatshield/paperweight to overcome super difficult platforming challenges. The more corpses you stack up, the easier the game gets, but if you’re good enough you can beat the entire game without dying.

Playing the game you are immediately faced with a number of simple but deadly challenges, while playing through this games’ difficulty curve has it so you are challenged more and more as you progress.

This game is for everyone, BUT! You do need to be quite good a platforming to defeat the later stages.

Lethal League,



(Noaksey’s Curator Selection)

Lethal League is a competitive projectile fighting game where you have to hit an anti-gravity ball into the face of your opponent to win. The ball speeds up with every strike, up to explosively extreme velocities. Play intense local matches with friends and foes, challenge yourself in the singleplayer mode.

Upon approaching this stall I was invited to join into a current game, now this was my first time playing and I had no idea of the controls but within 5 minutes I was able to fully understand everything about this game. It is very simple and fun and the skills and talents each character has create different dynamics to each game you play.

 You Must Build A Boat,


You Must Build A Boat is a side scrolling-puzzle battle-roguelike-dungeon crawling game where you play as an adventure who is tasked with building your boat so you can make it upstream, the only way to do this is by invading the local dungeons and battling creatures. You will have to also rescue others to enlist them to help you achieve this feat.

This was one of the most addictive games of the event and one I sat and had to finish the demo of, it took me way over an hour of continual play. When I did finally finish the demo I felt I had achieved something !

This game is fun, interesting and worth grabbing and it’s on your mobile so if you have some time to spare get on it!

Theo & Lizzy



You play as Theo, a red anthropomorphous blob, who in his quest of love will endlessly run to get to the end of the game.

Your task is to help guide Theo overcome any and all obstacles

Theo is a fast-paced and frantic adventure through a beautiful, hand illustrated world. Flip from the ground to the ceiling, smash your way through obstacles and slow down time itself as you uncover a plot of love, prejudice and running on ceilings.

This is a game if you love or like titles such as Super Meat Boy, canabalt and 1001 Spikes.




You have two choices. Help each other. Or die. This is BFF or Die, co-op stealth-puzzle-action in a maze!

Local multiplayer games are the best. In BFF or Die you will use different abilities to combine your team skills and beat the procedural mazes together. Feel a sense of camaraderie and think on your feet to figure out how to get past each puzzle as a team.

Each player gets to control one half of a controller and their own character, using your space craft you are to raid dungeons collection ghost energy so you can get back home. However the resident ghost don’t want you to and so are coming after you. They have the ability to turn you stone! So be careful!


Super Undercover Slime Agent,


Super Undercover Slime Agent(SUSA) is a comedy platformer with a twist!

To clear gaps and objects you must bounce your way through the difficult and frustrating levels using walls, floors, springs and more. If that’s not enough for you then try our Hardcore mode where you only get 1 life to complete the story mode.

Bored? Left wanting more? Well then build your own levels and share them with your friends to see who breaks their computer first!

This game wasn’t to difficult when you figured out how it moved, I did however get stuck on the last level mainly because of the length of it and the fact you had to do the whole level in one go!

Fun game left me wanting to see more.

Raging Justice,


Raging Justice is a modern take on the 2D scrolling brawler that pulls the classic genre kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

In a city held to ransom by a mysterious crime lord, two police officers, Nikki Rage and Rick Justice, fight to prove that no one is above the law.

Raging Justice is coming Spring 2015 to console, mobile, Mac and PC

IF you are a retro fan and are aware of a little game called streets of rage and if you loved it, well then you will love this, brilliant , great graphics and humorous! All mixed with great gameplay a game worth your money!

Dashy Crashy,


Intensely colourful and breathtakingly fast, DASHY CRASHY hurtles you along an endless, procedurally generated highway cluttered with hazards to avoid and high scores to reach for.

Another title for the incredibly addictive group.

This whole game is based on luck and fast reactions.

My highest score is 958 let me know yours!



Hopiko is a puzzle platforming game where your tasked with making it to the end of the level by clearing all the stages in one life!

This game is very interesting and challenging and totally made for all us Super Meat Boy fans. I seriously can’t wait for more levels !



In the near future scientists are testing the ultimate postal service… self-delivering cardboard boxes, and you’re invited to put these revolutionary new boxes through their paces in the most deadly off-shore test facilities imaginable!

This game is all about the Multiplayer and mini-games you are tasked with proving you are the best self delivering parcel out there!

An interesting take on game design and something different!

And the rest,

There where some other games there which I had seen at other events such as;

Sublevel Zero,

Tango Fiesta,





Friendship Club,


Gang Beasts,


Indies @ Insomnia 54 – hosted by Multiplay
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