Indies @EGX – What to expect!

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It’s happening this week and as so many of you out there might be wondering,


Well allow me to answer these questions and give you the low down on Indies @EGX Birmingham 2015

What Can I expect?

This year at EGX we will be seeing a real bundle of Indie Developers and games attending and showcasing themselves for you to play, Kickstart or back.

What is Leftfield Collection

The Leftfield Collection is one of the most regular zones at EGX consisting of hand picked Indie Developed games from all across the globe. This is typically where you can find experimental titles, event games and new undiscovered upcomers in the gaming industry.

What does the Leftfield Collection have to offer?

What is Indie MEGABOOTH

This is a first for not only for EGX but also for the UK as we see the Indie MEGABOOTH crossing the ocean to come and showcase select Indie games @EGX.  Here some more info.

What does the Indie MEGABOOTH have to offer?

What is Rezzed Zone

The Rezzed Zone is a selection of games with a greater focus on  indie titles brought to you by the team behind EGX which gives you the opportunity to chat with developers on the show floor if you missed the Rezzed main event.

What does the Rezzed Zone have to offer?

How do I find my favourite Indie developers?

Were you aware that this years Gamer Network events have had an supporting mobile app to help you navigate and connect to others?

Get the Mobile App now!

How can I get myself a Noaksey #Gamerhug?

In a real aim to promote gamer happiness and equality I will be offering #GamerHugs all you have to do is find me and claim your #Gamerhug

To best grab your #GamerHug all you need to do is follow my twitter


I’ll be posting daily what I look like – grab me we take a pick at tweet =}

<3 Indie <3 Gamers?


Indies @EGX – What to expect!
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