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Published 15th September 2016


The 9th annual IndieCade

Festival celebrates some of the most creative and diverse independent games
of the year while also establishing a leading voice in the promotion,
cultivation, and community of independent games.

“We’re thrilled to present
the newest games that showcase the diversity and creativity of indie game
developers while at the same time, bringing together ground breaking thought
leaders to share their expertise,” said Stephanie Barish, Chief Executive Officer,
IndieCade. “Every year we strive to create a unique festival experience where
people can play, have fun and see the latest games from indie game developers
from around the world.

Award nominees and
official selections were chosen by IndieCade’s jury of more than 600
individuals that include professional developers, fine artists, researchers, academics,
curators, journalists, game writers and past IndieCade finalists,

The selections feature
games on most major video game platforms, including PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One,
Wii U™ and including Alternate Reality Games and Augmented Reality, as well as
additional categories such as table top games, card games, sports, performance
art and live action role playing.

Below is the initial list Festival
Nominees and Official Games Selections. More selections will be announced in the
coming weeks.

A full description of each
game can be found at

· #Feminism by #Feminism Collective

· 1979 REVOLUTION: Black Friday by: iNK Stories

· Anamorphine by: Artifact 5

· Antariksha Sanchar : Episode Zero by: Quicksand GamesLab

· ARMAGAD (also Tetrageddon Games) by: alienmelon

· Bad News
by: Expressive Intelligence Studio

· Beautiful Corner by: Martzi Campos

· Beglitched by: Hexecutable

· C(ade) aka a Preview of ABC Project’s
C by: Annie Lesser

· Clue House by: Wise Guys Events

· Cosmic Trip by: Funktronic Labs

· Dance Together by: Tobiah Zarlez

· Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor by: Sundae Moth

· Elsinore by: Golden Glitch Studios

· Escape Room in a Box: The Werewolf
Experiment by: Ariel Rubin & Juliana

· Fire Tag by:
Mindful Mammoth

· The Forger by: Michelle Calabro and Jaehyun Kim

· Fracture | AutomaTiles by: Jonathan Bobrow

· FRKN WKND by: Aquma

· Ghost Court by: Jason Morningstar

· Giant Cop: Justice Above All by: Other Ocean Interactive

· Group Date by: Sara Williamson

· Hamlet-Mobile by: Capital W

· Infinit-O by: Corazon Del Sol

· Is • Was • Will Be by: Diana Wyenn / Beyond the Usual

· Keeping the Candles Lit by: Shoshana Kessock

· The Key by:
The Speakeasy Society

· Killbox by:
Biome Collective

· Killing Time at Lightspeed by: Gritfish

· Kismet by: Psyop

· Lieve Oma by: Florian Veltman

· The Locker by: The Locker Team

· Magic Dance Mirror by: Kinetic Magic

· Mindshow by: Visionary VR

· OCTOBO by:

· Open Sorcery by: Abigail Corfman

· The Order of the Oven Mitt by: Inquisiment

· Reigns
by: Nerial

· Replica
by: Somi

· RIOT – Civil Unrest by: IV Productions / Leonard Menchiari

· The Rope
by: Screenshot Productions

· Séance
by: Twocan Consortium

· Six Ghosts and a Pie by: Two Bit Circus

· Shackle
by: Shackle Dev

· Sherlock Holmes & the Internet of
Things by: Columbia Digital Storytelling

· SoundStage by: Logan Olson


· Still Life by: Wendy Gorman, David Hertz, and Heather Silsbee

· Stone Story by Gabriel Santos

· SUPERHYPERCUBE by: kokoromi

· Ten Games you can Play with Business
Cards by: Physical Games

· This is My Memory of First Heartbreak,
Which I Can’t Quite Piece Back Together by:
Jenny Goldstick, Owen Roberts, & Stephen Betts

· Threadsteading by: Disney Research Pittsburgh


· VR Spa
by: Portland Immersive Media Group

· Wheels of Aurelia by: Santa Ragione

· You Must Be 18 or Older to Enter by: Seemingly Pointless