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The Game

Talewind is a platformer that clearly has drawn inspiration from old school (retro) platforming titles such as Super Mario, Sonic, and Megaman.

Also drawing style influences from the likes of Klonoa and Tomba

It mashes up old school elements with a hand-painted art style claimed to be inspired by the works of Ghibli.

The Story

You play as an adventurous young boy that lives in a small village at the bottom of a mountain. This mountain is not like the others though. Surrounding it, strong winds never cease to blow. To this village the wind is a blessing, a never ending source of energy essential to everyday life. But one day, the wind gets weaker and starts to fade.

You will climb the mountain in search for answers, but the mountain holds many secrets and dangerous creatures, with the help of your magic wind cape you will have to make use of all the different types of wind to reach the end of your journey.

With many worlds to explore and many bosses holding the doors to the next step, you are sure to be engrossed by the beautiful world that is “TALEWIND”.

Similar to the Ghibli movie Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind



  • 5 beautiful hand drawn worlds with 3 levels each
  • Old school platforming mechanics
  • Many different types of monster that you can unlock on a world encyclopedia
  • 5 secret levels
  • Beautiful music by Pedro Ferraz
  • Glide in the open skies of Talewind for ultimate freedom
  • A world that feels alive to the player
  • 5 epic bosses
  • Unique and quirky npc’s
  • 5 special levels for the true hardcore players


About the developers:

Talewind is being developed by a team of two.

Philip Machado the programmer

João do Lago is the artist

They first met in college and after both had their degrees, Philip invited João to develop a game.
They wanted to make a game that took place in the mountains, in a place similar to the Alpes, with green fields and blue skies. Their character would jump from mountain to mountain, gliding in the wind. They wanted the wind to take a big role in the game. That was their starting point. They then settled on a platformer with an unique art style and developed mechanics that drew elements from  other platformers they knew and loved.

The team have been developing Talewind full time since January 2015.

You can show your support by Greenlighting them on steam now!

[Indie-ducing] – Talewind – Wind Limit Studios – Greenlight
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