Indie-ducing – Star Conflict – Star Gem, Inc (Review)

Star Conflict Main Indie Game

Star Gem, Inc and Gaijin Entertainment announced the release of Star Conflict 1.0 with its highly anticipated ‘Invasion Mode’. To celebrate this occasion, all players are invited to join the launch event which, for one week, tasks players to join the battle to defend their home bases against an alien onslaught.

The more alien spaceships vanquished the bigger the reward for all, so don’t hold back and start kicking some alien butt! Star Conflict is also now playable with Oculus Rift DK2, so the owners of this device can enjoy space battles in breathtaking stereoscopic 3D and with positional tracking.


Now publicly available, the new “Invasion Mode” features an underlying story in which an alien race invades human-controlled space. Star Conflict players must team up in parties of four to explore the new ‘Open Space’ areas and combine forces as they take on new quests and engage in PvP and PvE battles. With materials salvaged during exploration, gamers will be able to craft unique armor, guns and even whole new spaceships.

“We are proud to launch Star Conflict 1.0 today and want to thank our players for their support and feedback. Anyone who participated in Open Beta will get a special achievement. But release of 1.0 version is just the beginning of a lot more content to come”, said Stanislav Skorb, Director of Star Gem. “Coming soon are dreadnoughts – large corporate battleships that the community have been clamoring for – as well as PvE raids, conquest of sectors in open space, new events and locations for exploration and session-based portions of the game and much more”.

My Experience

Starting the game up the tutorial does exactly what you need it to it tell you how to play the game!

You then play a number of situational game types and practice how you play the game, after this you are thrown into a menu which takes a little time to learn but each menu has its reason to be there.  The Game allows for you to play against both human players and Bots so the teams are always fair as far as the numbers are concerned.

The game modes seem to consist of Team Death match and Capture the Flag / king of the hill style games not to say these are the only modes but as a new starter this is what you have to play with, I played 2 games and leveled my ship twice I can only assume that the game play will cause the leveling up to slow down.

Due to the game type being mostly about luck of whom you fight against and the fact it’s a multiplayer game it would be unfair to rate this game on things like Story and re-playability however I can rate the rest of it so here I go


Graphics and Controls

I must admit that Gaijin know how to get good games under their belt! This is a stunning game if you give it a minute to actually look at the game, It’s a space adventure and the movements and flying style makes it very easy to pick up and play, although I did have a lot of trouble playing using the controller.


Lifespan and Fun Factor

These factors are greatly affected by Luck, if you go up against equal players then you will have a great time playing, if you go up against weaker players you might found yourself ignoring them (I did) and on the occasions you go against stronger players you may find you spend most of the game watching the respawn counter. I found that I enjoyed the capture the flag / King of the hill type games more that the Team Deathmatches

Indie-ducing – Star Conflict – Star Gem, Inc (Review)
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