Skyling Garden Defense

Indie-ducing – Skyling: Garden Defense – Mighty Studios

Skyling is a mix of classic arcade gameplay wrapped in a whimsical presentation. It’s the only arcade game featuring adorable monsters, puzzling mazes and snoring cats that I know of.


The heart of the game is an homage to classics like Pac-Man, Q*bert and Crystal Castles, making Skyling feel familiar right from the start. I add my own twists and style to the mix, creating a unique game with excellent replay value. Skyling features a female lead character, Bloom, and her quest to rid the Sky Gardens of the hideous blight monsters which have taken over. There are 30 levels of garden mazes to rescue, filled will various monsters, puzzle elements and cats. Yes, cats. The game is filled with lazy, sleepy cats which are completely indifferent to (and slightly annoyed by) the game going on around them. Luckily, no one wants to disturb a sleeping cat. They can be used to block monsters and trigger puzzle elements throughout the game.


  • 30 challenging levels with a 3-star scoring system to promote replay
  • A variety of adorable monsters, each with their own unique traits
  • Sleepy, slightly annoyed cats. Just like the real thing!
  • All art and programming by a singular, and very tired, developer. 🙂