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Indie-ducing – SKARA: The Blade Remains – 8 Bit

Skara The Blade Remains was Greenlit by Steam’s community in just 8 days of the campaign launch and also recently completed a successful Kickstarter. With the Unreal4 Engine beating at the heart of this title and Epic’s full backing, Skara is now in its final stages of development and ready to take on the games industry with a Steam Early Access build scheduled for launch in the next few months.


An Alpha version of Skara is available to purchase now and gamers can download it online by signing up on the game’s brand new website. The small fee for the Alpha version is helping the team to finish the game, early investors will have their pledge refunded as in game currency when the Steam Early Access Build launches shortly. The full, free-to-play release on PC, is planned for early 2015.

Skara Key Features:

• Unreal 4 Engine – Enables truly stunning next gen graphics
• New Genre (MOV) – Skara didn’t fit into any genre so 8 Bit made a new one! Multiplayer Online Versus
• 8 vs 8 Multiplayer Battles – Brutal battles with real players
• Skill Based Gameplay – Skill, accuracy, timing and practice are required to succeed
• Fatalities – Dispatch your enemies with spectacular and unique fatality moves
• 5 Races – Each race features unique weapons and fighting styles
• Factions – Ruling Skara requires teamwork, hook up with your friends to plan organised attacks and dominate the map. Special attacks or ‘team actions’ are available to teams who work together effectively
• Customisability – Personalise your warrior to reflect your play style and tastes
• Game Modes – Includes: free for all, death match, capture the flag, kill the king, siege, dominion and more


Skara: The Blade Remains Beta version is available to download here:

More about Skara:

Skara brings versus fighting online for up to 16 players at a time, competing for dominance in a world racked by cosmic disaster.
Players will choose from among five races with the freedom to customize their character’s look, equipment and fighting style. Players will even be able to decide who to fight with by creating their own factions inside every race and culture. These will fight as one with the goal of dominating arenas, expanding their territories and gaining renown in Skara. Great players will be immortalized as heroes and kings, writing Skara’s history with their successes and failures.


…How long can you stay alive in Skara?


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