[Indie-ducing] – Kaiju Panic – Mechabit

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The Game

A hybrid strategy – tower defence – squad control game with a bright and unique art style.

Take control of a field operative in an international disaster response organisation, build and fight your way through a wide variety of colourful locations around the world and rescue the cities along the way.


The Story

A massive meteorite has struck the Earth causing devastation and panic in the streets, you scramble to the impact zone to search the area for survivors and survey the extent of the damage caused. But as if a meteorite wasn’t enough, giant monsters called Kaiju start appearing around the world and begin rampaging in densely populated cities!

You then jet across the globe as you respond to Kaiju attacks and bizarre natural disasters and unusual weather phenomenon. Rescue civilians to unlock their ID cards which you can view along with a monster bestiary and tech tree.

Progress through a full story campaign and challenge missions to discover the true origin of the Kaiju.



Support the developers and maybe even put your face in the game!

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Meet new and interesting monsters… then blow them up!


  • Fast paced real-time strategy game.
  • Defend cities and rescue civilians from giant monsters.
  • Call down construction modules to build defences and bunkers.
  • Play though the single player story and challenge missions.
  • Research new defences and abilities and Kaiju weaknesses.
  • Beautifully animated 2D graphics.
  • Huge variety of monsters, locations and characters.
  • Rescue civilians to unlock their ID cards.
  • Support us and become an NPC with special reward edition.


My Experience

I watched someone playing this game while I had a great chat with one of the designers of this game. I am a massive fan of Japanese culture and their Kawaii (cute) style. This game really embodies these two styles and in a game no less.

I played the first level without too much of a challenge it was simple to understand how it all worked and what to place where. After a few waves of Kaiju I then attempted the second stage, which was actually a lot harder. I failed the second level and felt it was very unfair to the player to go from very easy to that. But I was not disheartened it just spurred me to push on and try harder. While I was click about I came to realise the game had a small but game breaking exploit. I was able to move around the screen and set up my defences and generate the resources / money to create an almost over powered defence. Which the developers were shocked to see me do as they weren’t aware you could do that. This meant I beat the second level with ease. I didn’t continue to the further levels as I felt that I would want to use the exploit and make sure I won. This game is for those gamers looking for a fun, cute game with an element of challenge!

I will be playing this again and maybe even recording it for people to watch me fumble my way through the levels.


[Indie-ducing] – Kaiju Panic – Mechabit
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