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Into The Stars

A single player open-world journey through a distant solar system. Scavenge resources, manage your ship and lead your crew in combat.


Complete Control: Take command of an inexperienced crew and guide them through a solar system packed with mystery and danger. From your seat on the bridge you’ll steer the ship, manage resources and control your ship’s systems while engaging friendly and hostile aliens. Can you make the right choices and reach the planet we’ll call home?

Explore a Massive Solar System: You have the freedom to set your course for salvation, but no approach is free of peril. Each of the 90 zones in this sector present unique opportunities along with challenges, and only you can find the path to success.

Challenging volley-based Combat: Sometimes trade discussions break down and often the other party is out for nothing but blood. That’s why your ship is equipped with a number of weapon systems that can speak for the human race in a language everyone can understand. Choose your target points and battle stations wisely to survive numerous alien encounters.

The Game

Finding a new home for humanity won’t be easy. Maintain your ship and lead your crew, mine resources and discover mysterious relics, trade or battle with alien ships all while staying one step ahead of a pursuing force.

Journey through an Open World

Your ultimate destination is known, but how you’ll get there is up to you. Each avenue of approach presents unique challenges and opportunities, making the solar system you travel through as dangerous as the enemies pursuing you.

Crew Permadeath

Your crew is invaluable and without the proper care they’ll be dead before you know it. Combat, Landing Parties and Mining Operations all put them in danger, and you alone must determine what actions are worth the risk.

Resource Management

You can only take so many resources with you, but your modules and civilians on board are in constant need of them. Each zone provides unique opportunities, but choose wisely as every resource gathering action comes with inherent costs.

Pursuing Force

The aliens responsible for destroying your home planet have been tracking you since departure, and the longer you linger in any zone the likelihood of their appearance increases. Perhaps you’ll find a resource-rich planet and want to linger a while, but in so doing you put the entire operation at risk. Keep moving and maximize your chance for success!

The Ship

The Ark 13 is the last ship to leave our besieged planet and you are at the helm. But before you set out, some decisions must be made: Which modules will you choose to take with you and who will manufacture them? What resources will fill your limited cargo holds and which crew members will you take under your wing?

Once in flight, your responsibilities as captain will push your limits: Monitor the condition of your crew, civilians and modules, ensure a steady flow of resources and navigate celestial bodies all while evading a pursuing enemy.



Indie-ducing | Into The Stars | Fugitive Games
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