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What is Gemstone Keeper?

Gemstone Keeper is a 2D Topdown Dungeon Crawler where you explore caves and caverns, defending yourself against the creatures that reside and go as deep as you can to collect the rare and hard to find gemstones. Any minerals and gems you find deep in the caverns will earn you enough money to afford better weapons, items and other advantages to go as far down as possible to find the rarest and elusive stones to become the ultimate Gemstone Keeper.

What does it have?

  • Full Real-Time ASCII Graphics
  • Modular Weapons System
  • Large and Dynamic Bosses
  • Daily Run Leaderboards

Where can I find it?

Dev Interview

“How did you first hear about #IndieDevHour?”
“I can’t recall exactly how, but I recall either you or Peter (@Sllayt3r) tweeting about it starting up. It was around 2013 since I was working on a game called Secret of Escape at the time.”

“What has been your overall experience with #IndieDevHour?”

“They have always been fun, which is why I always try to participate every week. It’s  a great opportunity for me to see what many other indie game developers are working on, talk to them and look for feedback on what I’m doing. It’s like an indie gathering that you can take part anywhere.”

“If you could change #IndieDevHour in anyway, what would you do?”
“I’d probably encourage topics on a regular periods, say every 20 minutes or so. It’s good to introduce each #IndieDevHour with a question to devs, but I feel those questions get easily missed by most participants.”

“Describe your game in 3 words”

“Shooting ASCII gems.”

“What was the inspiration behind your game?”
“The idea of exploring caverns was from going to underground places such as the Cisternerne in Copenhagen and the Apedale Coal mines, being dark and cold enviroments with a lot of echo.

Gameplay was a mixed inspiration between Geometry Wars and Dwarf Fortress. I’m a fan of both shoot ’em ups and roguelikes so I thought it would be interesting to combine them.

As for the ASCII art style, I knew ASCII was a common staple if roguelikes, but I also wanted to set myself a challenge of making a game with no pre-rendered textures and image files.”

“What in your opinion has been the hardest part of being an Indie Dev?”
“In general, it’s being noticed. In order to get successful, you have to know people.  If you don’t know enough people, it’s harder to reach out. For someone who struggles at approaching people, networking and communicating, it’s difficult to feel noticed, so I try to think greatly of the progress I make.”
“Finally have you anything additional you would like to say or add?”
“Just to say I appreciate everyone who takes the time to have a look at Gemstone Keeper, write a small piece about it, share a link about it, and maybe purchase it and write a review on it.”


Game Review

The Game

This game is very easy to get started and playing with 4 game modes available too, you can get stuck into the game very easily.

Start Game

This is the standard mode where you enter the dungeon and start your decent through numerous levels increasing in dangers as you progress, all the while harvesting ores and gems from the deposits you stumble upon.

Score Attack

This mode is all about getting the best score you possible can

Daily Run

This mode is all about getting as far as you can in one single play.

Boss Rush

Feel the need for a challenge? Then take on the games bosses in a row and see how long you can survive.

Game Play

Very simple control mechanic which can be improved by upgrading your character and the weapons you wield to help you descend further.



I actually found the graphic to be exactly what I expected when I got into playing, the additional level of coolness came with the addition of the lens effect which made the game look and feel like you were playing on an old monitor. Which I felt was a wonderful touch.


Fun Factor

I actually feel in love with this game, I really enjoyed playing it and the challenge and difficulty curve was on point. I had a lot of fun sinking my teeth into this game and would recommend it.


[Indie-Ducing] – Gemstone Keeper – @GAMEPOPPER – #IndieDevHour
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