[Indie-Ducing] Flat Heroes 

Flat Heroes Main 1080

Flat heroes is a brutal and yet fun arcade survival game with four player local multiplayer modes.


The Game

In Flat Heroes you play as one of four local player characters. All of whom are actually just boxes.

Your challenge is to survive the onslaught of hurdles thrown at you while you play through the game.

As you progress the game gets harder and new challenges to overcome are introduced.

At the end of each stage of challenges you will have to face off against a boss enemy also.

This game is very gameplay focused and delivers you a solid game play experience at that.


Additional Game Modes


Local Multiplayer

The game is a lot more fun when you play with friends. It makes you have to work together in your attempt to survive each level as you progress through the stages.

Of course having four players fighting to survive can also make it a lot harder as you will collide with your fellow box companions and at time cause one another to meet an unexpected end while using this as a way to advance also.

At the point a player dies if there are other players still playing the remains of the now destroyed player will remain in the level and can even hinder your progress if it gets in your way.

Local Verses 




The game is enjoyed most while using a controller and characters react exactly as you would hope. However there are only really two mechanics used in this game by the players.



The player will pulse making themselves attack and for a brief moment protected from attacks, bullets, etc.


Dash /Double Jump

The player can make use of this to reach higher ground and to move away from danger. Pro players can actually chain the dash to allow the character to almost fly around the challenge level.


You also have one passive skill which is the ability to cling to surfaces.

This game has no real story line, it’s all about surviving and progressing through the increasingly difficult levels.




This game comes in at £10.99. It is a fair price the game actually has 90 levels and as this game is still in Early Access there are more levels coming.




This game is difficult, challenging and rewarding at the same time. Though it does lack in direction or some sort of story or character development.This games real main appeal is the local multiplayer as it’s solid and simple.

[Indie-Ducing] Flat Heroes 
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