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Drift Stage Main Indie Game

Drift Stage is a modern evolution of the classic arcade racer, bringing the gameplay up to date a bit while keeping the late 80’s style intact.


In these street races, speed reigns supreme. The art of the drift is easy to learn and immediately fun, but it’s true depth and challenge are hard to master.

Drift Stage will feature a roster of cars inspired by the mid-late 80’s and early 90’s racing on tracks ranging from city streets to coastal beaches and many in between. The game comes fully loaded with single-player modes including a character oriented career mode, circuit races, and leaderboard chasing time trials. Local splitscreen and online multiplayer races will also be in full swing.

Drift Stage is currently targeting an initial PC/Mac release with a possible mobile/console release following.

Successfully launched on Kickstarter you can pay the Demo now and then decided to back it after! >.<

Indie-ducing | Drift Stage
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