[Indie-ducing] – De Mambo – The Dangerous Kitchen – Kickstarter & Greenlight

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Back at EGX Rezzed on the Tobacco Docks in London I got to play hands on De Mambo and spend time with the guys at The Dangerous Kitchen.

De Mambo is a chaotic pin ball Super Smash Bros’ style game of Epic Proportions! Where you survive elimination by eating your opponents !

Want to know more about my DE Mambo EGX Rezzed experience click the image below 🙂


Now on to the purpose of my article, the De Mambo Kickstarter & Greenlight


De Mambo’s Kickstarter Launched on Tuesday 8th September at midday

With in a few hours they were 20% funded and are steadily picking up momentum, Why?


It’s because of this titles unique game play mechanics and style;

These mechanics make for an intensely fun battle system where if you are eliminated, you are not dead, you have another chance to survive by means of eating a living opponent meaning you have every chance of being the winner even if you are ‘out’ first!!

So secure your copy and back a worthy game now!


As well as there Kickstarter the The Dangerous Kitchen team are asking those that want this game to happen to please show there support on Greenlight, even if you can’t support their kickstarter you can still help them get Greenlit!

Show Your Support

[Indie-ducing] – De Mambo – The Dangerous Kitchen – Kickstarter & Greenlight
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