[Indie-ducing] Checkmate – @Quackertree – #IndieDevHour

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“Checkmate” is a cross-over between Sid Meier’s Civilization V and Chess. By combining the management element from Civilization V with the strategy part of Chess, this game creates a unique experience for all ages.

About Checkmate

This game is currently in development by a 1-man team. The idea originated from Civilization V itself, which he always used to play. He really liked it, but didn’t like the battles, which felt really flat and seemed like they required almost no skill at all.

So he wanted to get rid of this by combining Chess with Civilization V. Chess namely has the great feature that you can only win by skill, and nothing else. He wanted to capture this important element of Chess in Checkmate.

Want to try a public alpha ? hit up the gamejolt page

also make sure you say hi on Twitter

[Indie-ducing] Checkmate – @Quackertree – #IndieDevHour
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