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What is Card Dungeon?

You play as Crusader and need to rid the lands from the horrors of the Nethermist. You do this, naturally, by delving into 7 dungeons and murdering monsters.

You have three skill cards on your hand when you start the game and use these to progress through the monsters populating the randomly generated levels.

As you progress, you will find new skill cards, inventory cards, and trait cards that change the gameplay as you go along. In one turn you may play as a melee based warrior, a little later you are summoning creatures to do the fighting for you and at the end of the dungeon you may be a full-out mage throwing fireballs and freezing monsters.

Card Dungeon mixes the mechanics of both card games and board games and boils them down into a rogue-like. We’ve taken great strides to simplify the rogue-like category for the casual player while maintaining the deep strategy of the genre: Hard choices and consequences for mistakes.

To ease a new player into the rogue-like genre we use boardgame-like aesthetics together with a simple card format for all powers while following the mantra “You can only do 1 thing per turn. Choose wisely”.

Seasoned veterans of rogue-likes will relish the challenge and the collectible nature of the card game while new players to the genre will enjoy the easy to learn gameplay and the gorgeous board game look of the game.



  • Ever changing character as the game goes on thanks to the 1000 of cards you can find.
  • Unlock new character traits which changes how Crusader acts each new run through.
  • 40+ unique monsters, each with their own skills.
  • Find weapons and armor to help augment your skill cards.
  • Randomly generated levels with hand placed monsters and tile sets.
  • Learn how monsters behave and equip your Crusader skills and inventory accordingly.
  • Upgraded visuals including SSAO, AA, Bloom, Cloud Saves and other fancy PC extras.


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