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[Indie-Ducing] Battlesloths – @InvisibleThrill – #IndieDevHour

Sloths. Pizza. Chaos. Battlesloths 2025: The Great Pizza Wars is the fast-paced multiplayer competitive twin-stick shooter of your slothy dreams. Compete with up to 4 human players or play against AI sloths. Use a myriad of weaponry to destroy your enemies in a quest to… EAT. ALL. PIZZA!!!


Battlesloths is a lightning-fast competitive local multiplayer shooter that supports up to 4 human or AI players. Battlesloths is loads of fun and is perfect for busting out at pizza parties!

  •  4 Unique Game Modes

    Keep things fresh and your opponent on their toes by mixing up the game modes you play, or turn on the nuke for added craziness!

  •  20 Fun Weapons

    Every weapon in the game has its own purpose and can be used tactically in different situations. Crush, Kill, Destroy!

  •  27 Sexy Levels

    Launch rockets and collect pizza across a variety of locations. Chill in the ice fortress, heat things up in the desert, or bring down the walls in the blue castle!

  •  700+ Unlockable Hats

    So many hats, masks and face wear! Decorate your sloth and create your own cute pizza eating killing machine!


Dev Interview

“How did you first hear about #IndieDevHour?”
“When we started Invisible Collective, I took on the social media duties. I was sort of new to twitter and it wasn’t long before Noaksey followed me and DM’d me about indie dev hour”

“What has been your overall experience with #IndieDevHour?”

We actually don’t participate as much as I’d like us to. We’re usually so busy working on the game that social media stuff falls by the wayside.”

“If you could change #IndieDevHour in anyway, what would you do?”
“I’d probably encourage topics on a regular periods, say every 20 minutes or so. It’s good to introduce each #IndieDevHour with a question to devs, but I feel those questions get easily missed by most participants.”

What has it been like working with a publisher?”

“”It’s been great working with Rooster Teeth. They have a passionate fan base that have shown us tons of love time and time again at conventions and their gaming division has been very supportive in helping take our game to the next level.”

What advice would you give to devs looking for a publisher?

Take your game to local industry events and try your best to engage people playing your game. When we started doing shows we started doing the “claws up” sloth selfies (AKA: “Slothies”) and it created this great party atmosphere around our game. Players that stopped by were more likely to follow us on social media, share posts, and return to play more of our game. Rooster Teeth discovered us showing Battlesloths at an indie game event in Austin Texas called Jeugos Rancheros.”

“What in your opinion has been the hardest part of being an Indie Dev?

Collaborating with other developers without money or any sort of comfort typical to professional game development. You really need to have a vision that the team shares, a realistic goal, and talented developers that can be trusted to deliver awesome content for all of it to work..”


“What tool would you recommend to other devs?”

“Our artists have made tons of amazing animation with pixel art tool Pyxel Edit. For programmers, The Unity controller input asset Rewired is amazing for local multiplayer games.”

“Describe your game in 3 words”

“Sloths. Pizza. Chaos.”

“What was the inspiration behind your game?”
“We did a game jam where we joked that we should make a game with sloths and pizza in it. Within the constraints of a game jam… doing a party game seemed realistic. There was a desire to do sort of mash-up of party games like Samurai Gunn and highly lethal indie games like Nuclear Throne, Hotline Miami, and Geometry Wars. When we plugged sloths and pizza into the idea, “BATTLESLOTHS” was born.”
“Finally have you anything additional you would like to say or add?” 
“We’ve been working hard on BATTLESLOTHS for over 2 years now without having to resort to Kickstarter or early access. We excited to show fans what sloth gaming is all about and we hope they enjoy what we’ve created!” 

Full Review coming on launch…