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“Twin Souls: The Path of Shadows” is a 3rd person stealth game in which you play as Aragami, an undead assassin with the power to control the shadows. You have been summoned back from the dead by Yamiko, a noble girl from the sacred citadel of Kyûryu. Make your way to the city with Yamiko by your side as you uncover memories from your past life and the connections with Yamiko’s demise. As Aragami, you have the power of ‘Shadow Control’. The darkness is your ally and the source of your strength.

You have a diverse array of Shadow Powers at your disposal, like the ‘Shadow Creation’ (the creation of shadows on any surface of the scenario) or the ‘Shadow Leap’ (a teleportation mechanic between any two shadows). You can also manipulate the shadows to summon shadow creatures, engulf your enemy corpses, create shadow mirages to distract your enemies, solidify shadows into weapons or even invoke a black hole. As you advance you will need to sneak past guards, teleport between shadows, create your own areas of darkness and strategically assassinate your targets.

Twin Souls has strong influences from stealth classics like the Tenchu Saga, or more modern stealth gems like Mark of the Ninja and Dishonored. The scenarios are open and filled with hidden paths and ways to reach your objectives. Twin Souls has a punishing difficulty; you are lethal when undetected, but outmatched in melee combat. Getting spotted might mean a fast death so just must carefully plan your approach and escape routes in case something goes wrong.


  • Old School Stealth – Your enemies are lethal and direct confrontation is not an option. Survey the scenario, plan your approach and sneak around your enemies. Be the hunter, not the hunted.
  • Choose Your Play-Style – Each situation has different possible approaches. Will you be the merciless emissary of death? Or maybe an undetectable ghost? Twin Souls won’t force you to kill your enemies, nor will it penalize you for doing it. Both approaches to violence are valid.
  • Shadow Powers – You have an array of Shadow Powers at your disposal. Create areas of darkness to get tactical advantage, use your Shadow Leap to move instantly between any two shadows, feed the bodies of your enemies to the shadows and leave no trace, summon a Shadow Clone to distract and confuse your enemies.
  • Powerful Enemies – Your foes are not helpless, they can manipulate light to create moving light sources, cast light barriers, shoot incendiary arrows, launch barrages of light from their weapons and imbue their armors with resplendent light.
  • Replay Value – Replay each scenario to improve your performance score. Depending on your play-style you will get different outcomes, which will affect the world of Twin Souls and the story events.
  • An Immersive Story – Not everything in Twin Souls is as simple as it seems. The characters’ past interconnects in different timelines, and every step you take uncovers a bit more about them.

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[Indie-ducing]- Aragami – Lince Works
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