Hyper Japan 2013

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Well it was July, and you know what that means?

That’s right HYPER JAPAN !

Who would have believe back in 2010 standing in the Old Truman Brewery, London. I would be part of what is now the biggest Japanese culture event in the UK Hyper Japan 2013. I have been to every single Hyper Japan since, writing about them and those that attend, the new “trends”, the food and of course the culture influences.

Japan means a lot to me I love everything about it so when I saw Hyper Japan announced all those years ago, I was like I HAVE to go.

Now I reflect back on this years event, ‘The Good’, ‘The Bad’ and ‘The Weeaboo‘.

When  walking into the main entrance you were immediately welcomed by the Nintendo area, full of 3DS’s, Wii Us and the newest releases you could expect to see in the coming year. Which for me was a highlight, but alas I wasn’t here for gaming (that event is this October) I was here for my Japanese fix.

My first task was to scope out the stalls and the merch, of course, I saw a few familiar faces and stalls, as well as a few new additions but briefly before I talk about the stalls and the new additions. I need to take a moment to mention the clear and obvious trend this year which was alpacas, they were everywhere cuddly, fluffy, cute and colourful take home stuffed alpacas large and small.

In fact there was one stall that seemed to only sell alpaca toys and merch, but, I’ll come back to that.

the second note, and I suppose the only ‘Bad’ bit about the whole event from my opinion, was the location and amount of food stalls in the venue, there was always at lease a 15 – 20 person long queue per stall at this event, yet a lot of free space to fill, I felt as if they could have done a lot better moving the food into the back next to the stage and allowing the stalls to be grouped together to promote people to actually move down to the back and see the independent stalls (which were almost always void of customers from what I saw there).

The Stalls.

Despite being there all day I only caught two shows on the main stage Siro-A and the Sake cocktail competition, why you ask, well I was actually looking for cos-players .. yep that’s right since my Tumblr and Pinterest have taken off due to my cos-play collections I have proactively decided to seek out Cos-play at events now.

Siro – A

So the cos-play, what can I say, I really enjoyed snapping those that went out of their way to dress up, pose and enjoy cos-playing, I of course had a main target, yes I was looking to snap those dress as video game characters, mainly, or those I generally thought looked good, here is my collection and if you see someone you know then add, like and tag them in so the love can spread!


The over 18’s bit, well not really naughty, just while I was there I was able to take part in the “Sake Experience” once again, of course it took about 1 – 2 hours to actually taste them all but I won’t complain they were very nice and each of the breweries had an unique flavor and texture. I will be adding another blog to highlight this part of the event

Hyper Japan 2013
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