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How offering an could help a fellow indie developer

We indies love going to game events and festivals to show games, find new friends and to chase chances. As an indie devs you don’t often have a lot of money and having to spend most of it on expensive accommodation hurts.

Open a platform for developers to offer their couches to one another during events for free.

Time for a solution! 

Patrick Seibert went full indie in July 2015, meaning quitting a well-paid job, giving up his flat and selling almost all his belongings, he started to work abroad as a volunteer in exchange for food and accommodation. This way he could make a living from his earnings as a game journalist but he faced another challenge: How on earth could he now continue to visit important game conventions? As a frequent traveler and user of “that website where you can surf on couches” since 2008, the solution came to him quickly:

Open a platform for developers to offer their couches to one another during events for free.

A platform that lets you meet fellow people from the games industry and makes it even easier to connect with each other. will be centered around game festivals from all over the world and make it easy for you to find what you need. You are going to GDC but have not yet a place to stay? No problem, all people who still got space and offer their couch within the festival radius are just one click away. Various search filters will help you to optimize the results.








The use of the website is not limited to events, you can find all users through the basic search, whether it’s for a meetup to exchange ideas or you’re looking for someone to help you with your project, our platform will make it easier to find the right people. is not only for developers, we target everyone working in the games industry. To help identify the special field the users are working in, we color code them accordingly. Instantly you will see if someone is working in for example marketing, sound design or just simply an enthusiast who supports the cause (I.E. me).

Now they’ve got big plans and hope the platform will grow to become the place to be for anyone attending game events.

Last year they partnered up with Ludicious Festival and designed an alpha version for their needs from the ground up within a deadline of only two months . The people loved it so much, and they just couldn’t take it away from them after the festival ended.

It’s working but very basic, you can find the link below, set up your account and start you adventure today.



If you want to support the cause here is their Patreon