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Since 2012 it has run in the February half term inviting people to come and play in a seaside town in the Winter.

GEEK is a place for families and friends to Meet, Make and Play. There are digital and analogue activities for casual and dedicated gamers. GEEK invites you to fun and games in the winter months. People have travelled across the country and even across the ocean to attend GEEK.

GEEK has something for everyone, whether they want to play and compete, relax and try out something new, learn new skills or get an idea of their dream job using games and technology

The heart of GEEK is a celebration of video games. There are hundreds of playable video games to play on hundreds of consoles. Visitors can trace their development from 1970s to current day or just find long lost favourites.

Other activities include all new board games, cards, interactive theatre, performance and real life social games.

Cosplay has grown in popularity since it was introduced at GEEK 2013. The talent is amazing and is definitely not ignored alongside all the screens and technology.

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