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GEEK (Gaming Expo East Kent) is an annually held family friendly gaming expo created to bring gamers of all ages together and to celebrate gaming throughout the years, with a wide range of playable consoles and games spanning from 1977 to 2014.

This year saw the third event since GEEK was imagined GEEK 2014 and it was great fun. The three days were packed with workshops, talks, competitions and of course gaming!

I attended the weekend with an idea of what to expect, but what I gained in return was so much more. Upon entering the Winter Gardens in Margate you could be forgiven to think you were the only one there as you enter it’s first hall the Queens Hall where you were met with a few stalls, workshops and a stage. 

When I arrived there was nothing happening yet and it seemed as if there was no one around.

Looking around there were workshops and a Video Game arcade for you to get involved in

One of the Carnivals’ attractions that got my notice was an Old style visor game which I had when I was a child so it was like stepping back in time when I played one !

But following on from here or following the stalls around you were lead downstairs to the main event space, which was massive, and you were immediately greeted with a flurry of flickering screens loaded with the some the greatest retro games out there,

It was the first time I have been ever been able to play a Nintendo Virtual Boy and I came away with a massive headache from it.


Moving past the retro area you had a choice of different locations. You have a fairly open over 18’s area with a load of Xbox ones in there complete with a selection of triple A titles (not my type of thing). At the back of the hall there was a segmented area for Minecraft hosted by Multiplay.


In here you had a choice of Parkour or Hunger Games type challenges. The queue was always very long and mostly consisted of younger gamers or fans of Minecraft. I didn’t take part in these because as an Alpha tester of Minecraft I feel as if I can’t currently get anything new out of it. I am not the creative type in this type of space, but those of you out there that might be were openly challenged to create a theme park for GEEK2014 and the top three entries won prizes donated by the likes of Razor which was cool!

Sat between the Minecraft Section and the Retro sat the Indie section where a group of developers came to show off their games and to generate interest.

This was one of the main reasons I was there!


 If you want to see how I felt about the Cosplay @GEEK2014 please click below


GEEK 2014
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