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Big Pharma Review Feat 01 Indie Game

The Game

Big Pharma is a Tycoon game all about running your own pharmaceutical empire.

Buy ingredients, process and combine them in meticulously designed production lines, convert them into finished pills, creams, syringes and more, and finally sell them for a profit.


Spend your hard earned cash to research new machines and technology that will improve the efficiency of your production lines. Up your expedition spending to discover new ingredients containing new active compounds and combine them to create higher value, even fancier medicine.

At its core, Big Pharma is a really tight puzzle game about managing production lines. I’ve taken this core gameplay and set it against the backdrop of the pharmaceutical industry, which adds all sorts of lovely complications and opportunities to explore.

First of all, you’re not the only company competing in this market. All drug prices are affected by supply and demand, so unless you’ve got a patent to protect your fantastic formulas you can expect those selling prices to fall pretty sharply.


Next you’ve got to deal with the changing seasons and demands that go with each product. Cold and flu medicine will sell like hot cakes in the winter but you’d better have another product up your sleeve come summer time or you’re likely to hit some serious cash flow problems.

Another subtlety of the pharmaceutical industry I’m looking to explore is the fact that the most important cures aren’t necessarily the ones that will make a lot of profit. Cures that pander towards the whims of western countries will normally be able to sustain higher prices while the vaccine that is urgently needed by millions of people in developing nations won’t sell for more than a few pennies each. If you only had space on your factory floor for one, which would you produce?


My Experience

This game is all about achieving what ever goal you desire, you have complete freedom with how you grow your business in this game.  Such a simple concept to understand Be Kind or be successful. This is a game for fans of Sandbox games looking for something a little different 🙂


Meet The Developer,

Twice Circled



Games @ EGX Rezzed – Big Pharma – by Twice Circled
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