Game Bridge x ANIMEX – 2015

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About the Event

Game Bridge meets Animex to celebrate the end of the new Animex Indie event. They’re taking up residence in Teesside University’s Hub Students’ Union nightclub to bring us a massive after-party full of indies, developers, games students, outsourcers and many others (me) for an excellent networking event.

Georg Backer will be the compere for the evening; introducing attendees to the wide selection of games studios showing off their latest projects around the venue.

The main sponsors for the event were Digital City Business (via the ERDF), bluegfx, and Rivers Capital Partners. Additional sponsorship from UnityGame Bridge will be bringing you an evening of great talks, networking, and a range of games to play from UK games developers based in Yorkshire and the North East.

What’s more, thanks to the amazing sponsors, we had a free bar available (which I took full advantage of).

Talks where from Georg, Olly and Bruce – hosts of Game Bridge, and from their lovely sponsors; without who this event would not be possible.

Details of the event were as follows;

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Event Schedule:

  • 18:00: Doors Open
  • 19:30: Welcome / Talks
  • 20:00: Networking / Exhibitor Games
  • 00:00: Event Close

The Hub venue is on the top floor of the Students’ Union building.

Games on show

Unbox – Prospect Games

Local Player competitive game where you play as a box whom will unbox to launch it’self forward in the game, as you race against other boxes or collect the most golden tape.

My Thoughts

This game needs to be polish and have a defined goal. I found myself more ignoring my fellow boxes so I could focus on the task at hand and struggling with the lack of the heal boxes which allow you to recover you boxes which you unbox from in the race stages. I found that watching the game the challengers didn’t get invested in winning either and didn’t seem to “trash talk” at all ! There is something extra needed to create the competitiveness of the players.


Archlight Cascade – Hexdragonal Games

Local Player same screen arcade game where you play one of four counters which can create a lightsaber style bumper / bat which you use to strike grayed out shuttlecock / rocket things which upon contact change to your colour and will score you points if they hit the outer edges. f course your friends / enemies are trying to achieve this to so you are also tasked to strike your enemies rockets to change their colour to yours also allowing you to gain the edge in the scoring by denying them to score.

My Thoughts

I liked this game it was colourful and fun, and really got me wanting to win. Sadly a few minor things I would have to mention. THe striking system made you use the r-stick on the joypad to create the strike but the arch was only limited to what felt like a acute angle each time meaning I had trouble landing hits. It was also kind of sluggish. But I would play again and if they fix a few of the control issues I would love it.


Esper – Costsink Games

Esper is a first-person Oculus Rift / Samsung Gear VR puzzle game set in 1975. Certain members of the public begin to display extra-sensory abilities and, in the interests of national security, the government panic and start forcing citizens to undergo aptitude tests.

My Thoughts

Love, Love, Love this game the use of the Samsung Gear VR (which I was using) was executed perfectly. I truly felt like I had extra-sensory abilities and really got submerged into the game. If I was to change anything it would be to have harder puzzles! I really really want this game! Give it to me now >.<


Sublevel Zero – SIGTRAP

Currently in development, Sublevel Zero is a 6DoF (Six degrees of freedom ) shooter (like Descent, Forsaken) with permadeath, procedural levels and crafting.

My Thoughts

I love this game, it is everything / it has everything I love in a game, it’s fun, exciting, different and immersive.

Now I know some of you may think I may be a bit bias due to my Let’s play of this title back when it was originally created back in Ludum Dare 29.

But I promise you they have improved it so much and it is so much fun still that I could find anything bad to say (other than a few graphical issues).


Gunnihilation – Robo Pixel Games

Local player game for up to four players where you join forces while to attempt to destroy everything on the screen that moves.

My Thoughts

This game is mental! it is hard and crazy and full of explosions and bits flying everywhere, and, and, and more.

It was an visual assault and I loved it!

it just needs a bit more work and I would happy add it to my collection!

Mirrored: Chapter 1 –

Mirrored is a story-driven puzzle adventure game. Cinematic cut-scenes direct the story as you unravel the enigma of the green mask. Where is your brother? What happened to Dr. Richard Hudson? And who are these unmarked agents trying to find you? Investigate Nick’s office and solve clues to get through the first part of this thriller mystery.

Mirrored – Gameplay (IOS version) – Indie DB

My Thoughts

I love puzzle games and I love when they are done right, and this one is done right, it is challenging and fun and really immersive. A great game for the out of the box thinkers out there. Green light it now here Mirrored: Chapter One 


Additional Notes

I did play a few other games such as Gang Beasts and Narcissus but these games I have already covered quite a bit and so you guys should already own a copy of both (right?)

There were a couple of game I played that I was unsure if I can talk about so will await clearance and the Free drinks given out to everyone there made for a great conversation starter!

If you are someone wanting to get yourself into games and happen to easily be able to attend Game Bridge get to one! It is seriously worth your time!

Game Bridge

Game Bridge x ANIMEX – 2015
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