Reading Comic Con 1 e1512485916247
Reading Comic Con 1 e1512485916247

Free Indie Space at Reading Comic Con

Reading Comic Con 2017 is the second year since its creation.


Born due to the collaboration between two event organisers who pledged to bring local comic conventions to fans that may find it difficult to attend the larger events.


This year saw the introduction of the newly established gaming area at Reading hosted by yours truly.

As part of my campaign to create free space for indie games, I wanted to champion an idea of mine of offering entertainment to all for the event at minimal cost to the developers.


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Reading Comic Con was my first real attempt at achieving this goal. After a few meetings and a little bit of negotiating. The area was agreed the space allocated and the dates fixed.

Once everything was in place I set about attempting to gain interest in the event and offering indie devs the free event space.


At its peak, the number of developers that had signed up was 21!


As the event drew closer I had organised rental machines, measured and drew up floor plans and even had organised refreshments for those that were showing.


As I set up I actually did a few behind the scenes videos to show what exactly was going on


Part 1 –

Part 2 –


At the time of setting up the 21 had become 11 (not including the 11 board games and the 4 Nintendo consoles on offer)


The 11 games that showed were

MaoMao Castle
Bullion – The Curse of the Cutthroat Cattle
Super Space Slayer 2
Girth Loinhammer’s Most Exponential Adventure
Nature Zombie Apocalypse
Balance of Kingdoms
Elemental Flow
Failure: NeuroSlicers
BFF or Die
Snowman Scuffle!


I did a long video on Sunday showing the event and interviewing the game developers

Event backstage and interviews –

Dream Harvest interview –


On Friday before we opened I attended the site to set up and prepare the tables I even had a number of developers drop by Friday to set up too. 

Saturday came very quickly and I arrived on site ready to welcome the remaining developers. They all got set up and ready to start. We had no delays and no latecomers.

The weekend then flew past and with a large proportion of the gaming area and I invaded a local restaurant and laid waste to their establishment on Saturday evening.

It was a total unquestionable success so much so we had a number of the guest stars dropping by to play games and get involved. One quoting it was the best gaming section they have ever seen in a local comic con.

As I write this I am planning my next two events.

Bath Comic Con

Reading Comic Con 2018

Hopefully with more on the way too.


Interested in what I could do for your event?