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The concept for Flame Over was borne during a fire training seminar about the chemistry of fire. They figured it would be really exciting to create a dynamic fire system that could spread around randomly generated levels, with you being the only thing stopping the fire from destroying everything around you.

They took inspiration from the office environment around us, British public information advertising of the 1970s and from fire fighting games of yore.

Their two-year mission was to make a fun, fast-paced and highly replayable game that captures the essence of fighting back against an all-consuming inferno.

The Game

Flame Over is a fire fighting action game with randomly generated levels, blending Twin Stick Shooter and Roguelike design principles.

You play as Blaze a Fire-fighter with only a few goals;

  1. Fight Fire
  2. Save People and Cats
  3. Escape Death
  4. ?????
  5. Profit!

Game Play

This game is really easy to pick up and play. It has a simple play mechanic – Put out fire!

To do this you will need to learn how best to tackle the issue, here are a few tips

  • When using the water jet wiggle the hose to widen the range.
  • Smokey grey fires are electrical fires. They can only be put out with the extinguisher.
  • Turning off the power kills all electrical fires. (make this a priority)
  • Rescuing people gives you an extra minute of time.
  • Rescuing cats restores one heart to your health.
  • To complete a level you must put all fires out. An exit message will appear when you do.


This game has been built on Unity and as such has really good models, level design and look.  Each room and level has been expertly crafted and you never get the same level design.


Missions with Miss Ion

While you fight fires you will at time stubble upon Miss ion


She will give you additional tasks to do which when completed allow you to collect tokens. These tokens give you the chance to unlock stats improvements for Blaze. These can be easily achieve with the right amount of spare time available to you.


Fun Factor

This game is incredibly fun! It is addictive and always different. There will be times you survive and make a bundle and there will be times you die within the first 15 mins.


Game Trailer


Flame Over – Review
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