Eurogamer Expo 2013 – Thursday

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Eurogamer Expo 2013 Thursday was when we got to experience the quietest day for the event. Now when I say we I attended the event with two other XaosWolf (A fellow YouTube player) and Altairos. Here are the list of games I got to play and other some other random details comments and such 😀

GamePlatformWait time
Sonic-Lost-World-Wallpapers-0Wii U0 mins
This did not disappoint, Sonic at his best once again and why you ask, well, back to basics it seems! Due to the short demo time I had I was only able to gauge the single level I played. It was fun, fast and reminded me why I miss Sega’s consoles (I was a bit of a fan boy back in the day!) sadly the person stood next to the game the one that was suppose to show me how to best play the game had no idea of the buttons and/or how it plays. Meaning none of my questions where answered and I had to solve a lot of the questions about what button does what in the flow of the game, which I did of course. If you are a fan of the Sonic series and have lost your passion due to a few bad eggs (I was gonna pun Eggman here but it didn’t read right) this game will reignite your love and passion for Sonic! “Follow me, set me free, trust me and we will escape from the city”
ds2-1418310781PS31 hour
This game is serious s*&t and is not for causal/easily stressed gamers and after playing and finishing the previous titles I can say with all confidence this game did not and will not disappoint those of you to have played and love the other titles as I do! As you would expect Dark Souls 2, well, it was rock hard, I mean it’s like the game wants you dead for real, even the NCPs seem to have gotten smarter as now they react to your actions, for instance, being crushed by a brute looking NCP when you have go for a back stab and it back drops on you, almost killing you! This play-through is even harder due to the limit your given, 20 mins of game play to beat the Mirror Knight. I didn’t even get close. I am buying this game cause that mirror knight is going down!
KnackPS420 Mins
This game was designed for the PS4 in mind, it is brilliant, fun and interesting, however it is also very confusing, well the demo is anyway, when you play the demo, the game skips to different moments further on in the game so you never really get to feel the flow of the game. because the mechanics of the play change, for instance, your tiny, then large, then huge and each size, material type plays differently still it’s a great game and worth playing if you are investing in a PS4.
retro-city-rampage-logo-1920x1080-Main3DS5 mins
This is a eShop downloadable game it is a game parody of retro games from other titles from the 80s and 90s as well as taking inspiration from games like Grand Theft Auto and games that followed it. How many gaming references can you find in the game? Well I found 3 of them in 6 minutes. I bet the full game has tons.
scram-kitty-Wii-U-PC-PS4-Indie-MainWii U10 mins
This game is a downloadable eShop title for the Wii U The game is set in a universe where an experiment has gone horribly wrong, and the world seems to be overrun By a new race of intelligent, power-crazed lab rats. It is a fast paced game though the aiming can get a bit frustrating at times due to the fact the only way to aim it at an angle is to move to a curved part of the wall. Still if you have a chance to play it I would say defiantly go for it.
The-Room-2-iOS-AndroidIOS, Android0 Mins
The second in this series, the first game “The Room”, holds a place in my heart as I love a good puzzle but this takes it to a whole other level due to it’s ingenious ways you have to think to progress in the game. I like to think I am quite fast when it comes to solving these kind of games and who knows maybe when this one hits the eShops I might be able to prove this to you guys. I might even look to show you the original.
Doom-Piano-MainPiano0 mins
This was one of the gems of expo it’s brilliant not only for the game but the whole concept. I knew about well this being here in advanced to going to the Eurogamer Expo this year, I mean I literally read up about it a few weeks before I went to the event. When playing this game at first it did confuse and baffle me, but once I got into my swing (and with the Help of XaosWolf who is a bit of a moany git) I managed to Kill at least 1 NPC!, Footage of me actually playing this game can be found here.
Main-grand_group_artwork_super_mario_3d_worldWii U5 mins
What can I say, it’s a Mario Game, one of the few franchises that never let me down, always reinventing always fun always fresh and Super Mario 3D is no exception! Mario with the help of his Brother Luigi set out in a quest to save the world though this time they have Peach joining them in their endeavors, which takes me back to Mario Bros. 2 were Peach was a playable character, of course in every new Mario game they invent a new power and in this game it’s the cat bell! That’s right you don a cat suit and can climb walls and scratch enemies. I really enjoyed this game, even though I was forced to play against one of the Nintendo Crew and badly schooled (unlike the guy at the Sonic display).
There-Shall-Be-LancingPC0 Mins
One of the hidden gems in the Expo, this game is fun, addictive, challenging and simple. You play as a lancer, you have a rocket pack that charges up allowing you to move faster the longer you charge, you also have a blast ball to charge up and us and a shield to block with. It is so brilliant and the weird thing is I sucked at it I constantly lost at that game against XaosWolf (I suppose my rival?). Yet I kept wanting to play it again and again I think I found new gaming crack!.


PC0 Mins
This is a brilliant racing game, the idea is to drive through the scoring gates, but this racing game is very unique in the way the games allows the players to make their own track, I mean the track will be drawn by the leading vehicle, on the track you have channels if you stick to the centre of the track you keep going straight if you move into one of the side channels you will draw a curve and the further to one side you draw the sharper the curve, also the game will attempt to make sure you do add turns or you will be forever moving in one way, well that is until you have enough of driving and decide to drive off the edge of the track and decide to change into a glider and fly to the scoring gate, but be warned, make sure you have enough momentum or you could cost yourself valuable lead and of course racing points.


Eurogamer Expo 2013 – Thursday
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