Eurogamer Expo 2013 – Sunday

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This day I decide I was going to go straight to the XBOX One Section and play at least Dead Rising So I immediately headed there to try this game out and to see what the Xbox One was like. It looked like a VCR due to it’s size in my opinion. One note to make is that Sunday saw me run out on battery on my recording device… duuurrrrr.. so I don’t have any videos from Sunday for you, still I was here to play games and play them I shale!

dead_rising_3_game-1080Xbox One15 Mins
This game was one of the Xbox one show exclusives most of the time the queue reached for well over an hour in waiting time and I seriously didn’t want to have to wait that long, so come Sunday I went straight to this queue. The game was better than I was expecting in fact it one of the few Xbox games I have played where I thought , “I am playing a game” it was fun, over the top and took zombie mass slaughter to a whole new level! adding some new features such as merging vehicles to create weapons to help you mow down those pesky zombies. This demo doesn’t show much of the actual game but it does show of the mechanics of the game and amount of moving zombies on the screen at once. Which is very impressive in all honesty making this a Xbox title I would suggest.
castlevania-lords-of-shadow-2PS315 mins
Following almost directly from the last game players will take control of Lords of Shadow’s main guy Gabriel Belmont, who now has taken on the moniker of “Dracul”, The game revolves around him moving around his castle walls and the surrounding city whilst battling both the Brotherhood of Light and the forces of Satan.
soundodger_09PC0 Mins
This game was hidden away in the Virgin Media Game Space show floor at the venue. The concept is simple you dodge the spikes created by the music. I found this game to be real fun and an easy pickup and play title. I found the lower levels as challenging as the later ones but the later ones were of course rock hard. This game is easily found on line and playable. thought the initial loading time is a bit long due to the size of the music catalogue you start to unlock as you play through. You can find the game here
Dragons-Prophet-MMO-EGX-1080PC0 mins
This free to play MMO involves you running around and leveling up, like every other MMO, however in this game you get / gain a pet Dragon they will help you get around fight and sticks by you. It’s a very fun game and not bad considering it’s is free to play. Worth grabbing you username for and trying it out. You never know it might be up your street if you love dragons as much as I do.
Redshirt-Logo-main-1080PC0 mins
This game is taking familiar aspect of real life and blending them into a sandbox on-line social media platform where you enrol as a low level ensign on a Space craft and you are known as a “red Shirt”. It plays on the idea of mocking social media and games on that kind of platform. So if you are a geek, have wanted to role-play as an ensign and work your way to the top using Social media and training using a points per day system (very DND) then you might want to check this title out. On the other hand if you are looking for a game that responds to you this might not be for you.
Ultratron_Main_1080-LogoPC0 Mins
This game is super addictive, the game gameplay reminds those of us that know them of old-school arcade top down room shooters this mixed with the retro-futuristic sound and graphics, player responsive difficulty, and a subtle system of tactics combined with classic gameplay make Ultratron worth your money! I know it has mine!
Kinect-Sport-Rivals-1080Xbox One20 Mins
The next big Kinect game using the new improved camera system which tracks your limbs more precisely. This games plays very well and is very responsive and totally worth getting if you want to have a go. The only downside is that to play agains’t you friends they too need a console the game and a Kinect, oh and of course Xbox gold subscription.
Knytt-Underground-1080-MainWii U5 mins
This eShop title for the Wii U follows a sprite who develops powers as she journeys through her world. I liked this game it had a character to it and was real fun. Worth grabbing if you are looking for something, a little, different :).
octodad-dadliest-catch-listing-thumb-01-ps4-us-09jan15_01PS45 mins
This PS4 title was the weirdest game I played over the entire weekend, in no way a bad thing wither the mechanics where weird to gets your head around to start with the learning arch is very steep. This game is for a hard cord puzzle solver as you have to think about every move with such a defined action and this can put off serious competitive gamers, but, if you want a bit of fun then invest your time, money and it will pay you back with some of the funniest things a walking Octopus can give you.
resogun-PS4-Main-1080PS40 mins
This is a side-scrolling shoot ’em up game. though I have played this game many years ago when it used to be called “Defender” Well to me it’s the same game, just with cooler graphics using the 3D pixel models and full arch view of the battle battlefield. It has a game in it own right is very good. But I can’t help but play this and remember playing my Atari and feeling as excited about that aged pixel game as I did when I played this game.
Eurogamer Expo 2013 – Sunday
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