Eurogamer Expo 2013 – Friday

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The Second Day, due to the large amount of time spent wondering around and finding games etc., this day we were much more focused with the job in hand! This time I decided to be a bit more Recordy.

This game is intense and it’s made even more so by using the Oculus with it, so, this session was a double wammy for me. Not only was I getting to try and test out the Oculus for my self but also I get to play a new game which was also designed for it too. I was not let down by either and it was crazy fun, my only personal issue was I did feel a bit of motion sickness from the Oculus but only because I kept rolling the space craft like a dumb ass and clearly believed I was actually turning. Awesome GAME!
Zelda-A-Link-Between-Worlds-Main3DS15 mins
This new Zelda title is brilliant, it takes all the skills you have learned from the previous titles and gives you simple challenges so you can play the game quickly, however there is a new mechanic added, it is the ability to merge with the wall, using this new ability allows to to enter and gain entry to areas you would have thought impossible. If you are a fan of the Zelda franchise than this is a game you must play.
 Yaiba-Ninja-Gaiden-Z-MainPS33 Mins
This game looks like it has been taken directly out of a graphic novel wrote by Quentin Tarantino which for the series is a first. One thing to take note is that this game does not seem to centered around the last games protagonist Ryu Hayabusa. This time it is centered around Yaiba Kamikaze who is killed and resurrected as a cyborg. The demo is fun, funny and over the top blood it is more about playing a game were you run around killing zombies or using zombies to fulfill simple tasks then unraveling a story. Worth playing if you’re into needless, mindless zombie killing.
 Volume-1080-MainPC5 mins
Volume is a stealth game about, well, being heard. The game revolves around a character called [REDACTED] the interesting thing about this character is that this guy does not kill others. What he does do is sneaks, distracts, avoids. He is never seen, and seldom heard and his propose well it’s to commit crimes of course. The further you get, the harder the game will get and the more tools you unlock and get to play with. With an addition level editor this game is for the true stealth lover (about time).
Ethan_Meteor_hunter_logo_MainPC0 mins
Ethan: Meteor Hunter mixes together to of my most favorite gaming genres puzzles and platforming. Mix these together and add in their unique and awesome mechanic: telekinesia. Ethan can pause time and move objects around in order to solve puzzles which means that there are a number of ways you could solve the same puzzle. I found the game to be refreshing and bloody fun and I for one am going to buy this game and play it to death!
FranknJohn-Main-1080-PCPC0 Mins
Quoted as a “Roguelike-like Action Game that will make you lose your head. Literally.” Has you playing the game while you launch your head as a weapon and experiment with unique Skullcaps to overcome deadly challenges. This game reminded me of an old Mega drive game called Dynamite Eddy (sp?) in the way you use your head and collect other heads as weapons. You play as FranknJohn, a failed experiment on a journey to uncover the truth of his existence.
7025498-beyond-two-soulsPS310 mins
Beyond is a great game from Quantic Dream developers of Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain. This game is based around a young girl Jodie who seems to be plagued by another “soul” named Aiden. The two are an unlikely coupling with Jodie being a kind, playful person and Aiden being a almost spiteful, mean spirit. The Demo throws you in as Jodie as a young girl and teaches you the mechanics of the game how you move as both Jodie and Aiden. It’s a great game the quick time events are more instinctive making you react better and the previous game. In fact I managed to play the entire demo without failing a single movement. This game has greatly improved on the previous games and is defiantly worth playing.
Tomb-Of-Rooms-MainPC0 mins
One of the “Hidden Gems” of the event for me, a brilliantly spooky and clever game it revolves around one of two players of which you can play as by your self or in split screen co-op. Player one plays as the girl in the game, were as the second player plays as a boy and both have the ability to drop in and out of live game play, but beware if you but drop out you will end your game. Each floor is randomly generated and as you progress the game will get harder, of course you find the odd tool to help you on your way, tools such as guns, torches and books as well as a ability to draw to most game surfaces with chalk to case spells to help you climb up to those harder floors, I have no idea if there will be a max level cap but with the increasing difficultly and monsters hunting you down this game in short it will make sure you fail. I was lucky enough to have met the makers of this title have a bit of a chat and well let say Tomb of Rooms is getting Noaksey-fied and what’s that a special guest?
DA-titlescreenPC0 Mins
Droid Assault is a game where you start life as a run of the mill robot, equipped with a small laser and transfer beam you have to take over or destroy other droids slowly increasing in size, power and difficulty and also each droid adds another friendly whom will help you defeat / clear a room allowing to move the game to the harder parts quicker meaning the better players of the game can get straight to the action. The game is also very intuitive so you really don’t need a lot of tuition to play it and it’s a great pick up and play title! I was very happy to also have the honor to meet the team that made these title I have been playing for some time and see the improvements made to the games as the developers are gaining more funding and experience. The director of Puppygames has even given some of his time to answer a few of my questions which I will be uploading soon.
Skipping-Stones-Main-1080PC0 mins
Skipping stone is a game for you artistic types, those of you that have a love for Poetry. It is beautiful, simple and pleases your eyes and ears. I loved playing this games cause it was so unlike any other game I have played before and it really peaked my interest. I’ll have more on this game when I spotlight it soon.
maxresdefaultCloudbuiltPC0 Mins
Cloudbuilt is one of the few games I played each day I returned to the expo, this is the top gem in my “Hidden Gem” range. “What is it about this game Noaksey that makes you go back for more?” you ask, “well because, well because, Rocket powered Parkour” I reply. It’s so much fun a truly revolutionary game that is going to make me so angry and happy at the same time! I really want to play this game Green Light this game right now! Seriously NOW!
MirrorMoonPC0 mins
MirrorMoon EP is a space adventure that begins on a red planet and its unique moon, you need to solve the secret of the Planet and Moon.This puzzler is brilliant because it doesn’t hold your hand you have to figure stuff out for yourself what does what and why, then you have to solve the mysteries to move forward, over 1000 planets to visit I wonder if you can finish them all let alone the first planet, maybe join me as I try to uncover the puzzles of this universe.
TeslagradPC0 mins
I loved playing this game and was trying to think the best way to communicate to you guys what this game is about, Then I read the official blerb and in all fairness it sums up this game perfectly, “Teslagrad is a puzzle platformer with action elements. Magnetism and other electromagnetic powers are gained throughout the game and must be used to overcome the game’s challenges and explore the long abandoned Tesla Tower. The game is set in a steampunk-inspired vision of old Europe, and through voiceless storytelling we intend to tell the story of the fall of the king of Electropia and the rise of a new (and not necessarily better) order.” Seriously this game is worth your money and if you don’t believe me play it!


Eurogamer Expo 2013 – Friday
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